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About Tal-Ingliz Maltese Restaurant in Malta, Mgarr

Ta’L-Ingliz is a Local Maltese restaurant in Mgarr that specialises in Maltese cuisine. Godwin runs the local restaurant as well as the cooking of traditional dishes. Ta’l-Ingliz is an ideal place for group parties for various occasions. The restaurant is smaller than similar restaurants so booking is recommended.

Traditional Maltese Dishes served at Tal-Ingliz Restaurant

2 trad Delicious-Maltese-Rabbit-cooked-in-Garlic
Ta L’Ingliz restaurant in Mgarr serves Traditional Maltese Dishes such as rabbit (Fenkata), horsemeat (Laham taz-Ziemel), quails (Summien) and many more Maltese dishes.
Tourists looking for traditional Maltese cuisine need look nowhere else, Ta’ L-Ingliz is a truly traditional Maltese restaurant that caters mainly to Maltese patrons, tourists are indeed welcome and will thoroughly enjoy the traditional aspect of this restaurant.

Complimentary appetizers at Tal-Ingliz

3 comp Delicious-Complimentary-Appetizers
At Tal-Ingliz as is traditional in Malta portions are large and you will definitely not leave on an empty stomach, even the complimentary appetizers are large and delicious, fresh Maltese bread and traditional dips and nibbles are served while you wait for your food.

Spaghetti with tradtional Rabbit Sauce at Tal-Ingliz

4 Delicious-Maltese-Rabbit-Spaghetti
The delicious spaghetti with Maltese rabbit sauce is probably one of their all time favourite dish. A fenkata is not complete without it and they recommend it to everyone!

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Contact Tal-Ingliz Maltese Restaurant in Malta, Mgarr

C: Godwin
T: 21574605
M: 79704489
A: Main Street, Mġarr
H: Mon-Sat 18.30 till Late, Sun and Public Holidays 12.00 till Late

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