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About Ta’ Stringi Wine Lounge Restaurant in Naxxar, Malta

A perfect place to discover. Housed in a 450 year old palazzo, with cellars that date back to the Knights of St. John, Ta’ Stringi is the perfect place to chill out be it for supper, or simply a coffee with friends, a glass of wine or a cocktail. With a varied à la carte menu Ta’ Stringi boasts ample portions at reasonable prices and a wine list offering over 300 choices.

If there is one thing about great cuisine, is the excellence in taste, presentation and most of all the Aroma of the atmosphere around us all.

We look for our own way of making it to the top, we dont need the reviews to impress – its the satisfaction of being in your comfortzone.. its the indulgence of that first glimpse.  Its something that your mouth just waters for, and most importantly its the way we go about the situation..

We are satisfied when we see the customers with a grin on their faces, because for the most part it’s known to be a new way of showing our apreciation with a simple smile.

If you look back and wonder where we tend to get it all from, its the management – who makes it all possible. Everything is made with love and thats when its out in the open to see what is done in perfection!

The Menu
We start of with just the simple collection of our starters, or tapas which each and everyone is portioned to its own taste.

The Pasta line..
each plate has its own charecteristics about it.. different spices and bends with it ulternate flavourings.

The Main Course & Salads
Every individual who has ever tried them – each have said how unique the dishes are with their own expression on their faces, or have had some kind of way in choosing their own connection with their dish.

The Pizzas
We make our own pizza dough from scratch, so makes it more alive in the taste of our toppings.

The Wine List
If you’re a true wine aficionado, when it comes to wine tasting the following should keep repeating itself in your mind: see, swirl, sniff, sip and savor. Everyone experienced in the world of wine knows this wine tasting rule.
We can arrue you to find your wine listed here.

The Desserts
When crowd-pleasing desserts are the aim, we have more than risen to the challenge with dozens of recipes for all your likings :).

We recommend that you phone for reservations as online bookings are not accepted.

Contact Ta’ Stringi Wine Lounge Restaurant in Naxxar, Malta

C: Christian Agius
T: 21422546
M: 79660099
A: A1, Victoria House, Labour Avenue, Naxxar
H: Mon-Sun 19.00-24.00
F: Facebook

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