Nougat,Qubbajt in Malta

Ta'Pavia Maltese Nougat

About Ta’ Pavia Traditional Maltese Nougat

We sell all types of nougat such as soft with 5 flavours i.e.(strawberry, bananna chocolate, vanilla and mint). We also have brittle Maltese Caramel nougat and many more from where you can choose. So if you happen to be in Malta for your holidays we invite you to visit us in towns and villages during their patron saint feast and taste our nougat for free. Our products are also available in confectioneries and tourists shops to make it easier for our clients to benefit from our superior quality nougat made only from natural ingredients. Specialist in Karamelli tal-Harrub (Caramels) , Gulepp tal-Ħarrub (Carob Syrup), Qubbajt tradizzjonali tal-festi (traditonal nougat). Deliveries all over Malta & Gozo.

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Contact Ta’ Pavia Traditional Maltese Nougat in Zabbar, Malta

C: Rodney Pavia
M: 79203540 / 99807830
A: 6, Biccieni Alley, Żabbar
H: 24/7

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