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For those who need to transport or collection of large items, be it refuse, debris or heavy materials Ta’ Cassar Skip hire is a proud provider of a range of skips in all sizes and budgets as well as solutions to all industrial and commercial needs. They distinguish themselves by their express service, combined with excellent prices and efficient solutions to ensure all of their customers are happy and will use them again in future.

Skip Rentals

Skip Rentals

Ta’ Cassar Skip Hire has a variety of skips available to rent depending on the client’s needs. From small mini skips to industrial large skips which include sliding doors and open tops. Ta’ Cassar Skip Hire understands that their clients may have many different needs that require different solutions so clients can lease both short term and long term and Ta’ Cassar Skip Hire will work with clients to provide the optimal skip for the job.

Hi-up Services

Cassar Hi Up

They also provide numerous hi-up services for vertical projects. This includes hook loaders and crane hires to work with any project a client needs. All of this is provided with the same excellent and flexible pricing of the skips. You can trust Ta’ Cassar Skip Hire’s dedication to safety and professionalism when it comes to such important tasks.


Cassar Transport

If you have excess refuse for whatever reason, be it private or from a commercial project, Ta’ Cassar Skip Hire also provides a transport service. Clients will be impressed by their efficient speed and punctual transportation of whatever you need, be it soil, gravel, sand or brick.

Other Services

Cassar Excavation

Clean Up

Along with their transportation services, Ta’ Cassar Skip Hire also specialises in bulky refuse collection. If you have refuse you must get off your property and need help with, Ta’ Cassar Skip Hire can help you with its fleet of collection vehicles. They will ensure that the job is done to your specifications in a prompt and professional manner.

Ta’ Cassar Skip Hire can also provide its clients with proper refuse collection bins as shown.
Green Bins


Ta’ Cassar Skip Hire also has all the most professional vehicle and tools needed for excavation purposes and provides the same excellent service and rates for it. They will strive to provide a great solution for any excavating needs and can work in a variety of settings and will work with their customer to meet all deadlines necessary.


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