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Sylvia Bazaar was established in 1982 specialising in bedding supplies like quality mattresses, pillows and linens. Their professional staff give advice and impeccable customer service as they pride themselves in advising their customers in the best way possible according to their specific needs. A lot of their customers keep going time and time again to Sylvia Bazaar because of the vast selection of mattresses and pillows available at excellent and affordable prices.

Sylvia Bazaar stock on Mattresses, Pillows, Linens, Blankets, Quilts and Pyjamas. They offer to take your old mattress for free! Sylvia Bazaar also offer free delivery service for Mattresses together with Pillows, Blankets & Quilts. The staff at Sylvia Bazaar pride themselves in advising their customers and giving them tips for their specific needs to help understand what they need.

The vast selection of clothing and bedding makes Sylvia Bazaar, a one stop shop with a vast range that is constantly being updated to match current fashion styles.

Bedding at Sylvia Bazaar


2 Sylvia Bazaar mattresses
Orthopedic Mattresses helps provide a better sleep at night. Research has shown that an Orthopedic mattress helps support your back and joints, helping you sleep better and for longer whenever they are properly supported. Sylvia Bazaar are famous for their bedding that come Fully orthopedic, Semi-orthopedic with various sizes like double, queen, king, single and cot size mattresses. Ask the sales team at Sylvia Bazaar for the mattress you need for they sell them at quality reasonable prices.


3 Sylvia pillows
During sleep the muscles relax making the head fall backward or forward, causing stress on the neck and spine. The solution to this stress is using pillows, they are used to elevate the head and neck so they fall in line with the spine. The Orthopedic pillows help bring the supported alignment together with the proper angle so once the head, neck and spine are in alignment, you can breathe easier and improve circulation. At Sylvia Bazaar, they stock on pillows to help you give you a good night sleep at reasonable prices.

Linen, Blankets & Quilts

4 Sylvia bazaar linens
Linen is a breathable fabric as well as delightful softness, making you warm in winter and cool in summer. Blankets and quilts are accessories to keep warm in winter. Today linens are not just white sheets but they come in various designs to match with the decor of the bedroom. At Sylvia Bazaar, they have quality linens, blankets and quilts at reasonable prices and good value for money.

Clothing at Sylvia Bazaar

Ladies wear

5 ladies clothing
They stock on women’s clothing, having various styles to choose from. Various sizes are available for big sizes as well as one size clothing. Quality clothes and shoes sell at very reasonable prices at Sylvia Bazaar. For more clothing ask the staff at Sylvia Bazaar.

Underwear and Lingerie

6 lingerie
They stock on quality underwear and lingerie with a vast range of styles and sizes to choose from. At Sylvia Bazaar one can find everything at very good prices.


7 sportswear
At Sylvia Bazaar, they also stock on sports wear with various styles and colours to choose from, all at reasonable prices.

Gent’s wear and shoes

8 mens shoes
Menswear can also be found at Sylvia Bazaar, with various styles to choose from and of various sizes even big sizes, at very good prices. At Sylvia Bazaar one can also find quality men’s shoes at reasonable prices.

Sylvia Bazaar’s Website

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For more information do not hesitate to call Sylvia Bazaar.

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C: Mario Magro
T: 21666488/21895224
M: 99823470
A: A. Caligari Street, Zabbar
H: Mon-Fri 8.30-12.30/16.00-19.15, Sat 8.30-13.15

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