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About Sunlock Blinds in Zebbug, Malta

Sunlock Window Blinds was established in 1981. The company prides itself in providing reasonably-priced products which look gorgeous and are made of better materials than other competing companies. The company also actively carries out research to keep itself up to date with the current technologies and innovations in blinds, while also providing their clients with the new innovations they would have incorporated into their business.
Sunlock blinds vertical
Sunlock Blinds is committed to providing quality to their clients, both in terms of service and in terms of products. This commitment has given the company a good reputation among it’s clients and the company will continue to offer this kind of service because of it’s principles and beliefs.

Products Offered by Sunlock Blinds

Blinds are practical, versatile, stylish and control how much light enters a room. At maximum tilt, protection of decorations and furniture from sunlight is surely assured and personal privacy is guaranteed. They are perfect for all types of homes and are the ideal choice for awkward windows and complex or large apertures. This wide variety will surely meet the client’s aesthetic demands for his home or office.

Vertical Blinds

vertical blinds 1
In the vertical blinds collection, there a variety different fabrics including plains and patterns. There are also on offer a range of hardwearing and practical aluminium vertical blinds. These are water resistant and easy to clean, which makes them ideal in moist environment, such as kitchens and bathrooms. they also have on offer laminated basswood and a range of heavyweight blinds, which include special performance fabrics like flame-retardant ones.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds
Roller blinds have been designed from the ground up to provide the basic function of filtering light, while remaining a non-obtrusive element in your room. The roller blinds are not only easy to use, but highly intuitive to operate, hence the ultimate functional blind. In terms of colour, the rollers come in a selection of calm and corporate whites, plains and neutral shades. In terms of fabrics, there is a selection of highlights of which include suede, wood laminates and modern prints. In order to extend the lifetime of your rollers, they also come in fibreglass PVC-coated material, with different colours and prints. Given your choice of fabric, material and colour, you can also personalize your roller blinds with various optional braids.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blind
Roman blinds collection create a truly dignified and luxurious feel in your living space and although suited in any room, the Roman blinds are particularly well-suited to bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges because of the soft, geometric look they create at your window. The Roman blinds are distinguished by heavy and light weight options: the heavy weight Romans are ideal for creating a structured elegance in your living space, while the light weight option is more suited to the budget conscious, provides a sleek, streamlined and penetrating classicism in your room at a fantastic price point. Inspired by classical trends, the Roman blinds collection offers a wide selection of fabric styles, which range from plains and textures to patterned fabrics. Moreover, our Romans are a non-sewing type of blind where the folds are created with acrylic, especially designed rods and accessories. The benefit of this is that due to the acrylic and design rods there is very little wrinkling as might be expected with the traditional sewing type of blind fabric.

Woven wood / Bamboo Blinds

woven  blinds
The wood woven shades are made from non-industrialized, environmentally-sound renewable resources such as jute, bamboo, sea grass and poplar wood that not only offset your environmental footprint as a consumer but they also bring the soft tranquillity of the natural world into your home. The natural fibres extracted are carefully woven together, creating a variety of natural styles and natural shade variations that reflect the environment wherein our raw materials were grown. The result is a diverse product range of truly unique environmental products that are not only functionally superior at gently diffusing natural light to create a tranquil ambience, but they also provide a natural warmth at your window during those cool winter months. Wood weaves are superiorly functional and blend stylishly in both modern and traditional decors, adding that sensation of natural harmony to your conservatory, dining rooms, lounges and studies.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian wooden blind
Wooden Venetian blinds come in heavy, rich, earthy tones that contribute to a mood of being at one with nature, and this achieved in that temple of solace, your place of rest and restoration, your home. Coming in six different natural shades and four modern laminated tones natural, maple, cherry, tiger eye, wenge, light chestnut, dark walnut, shine maple, and red cypress – our classical wooden venetian blinds match and complement the most contemporary parquet floor patterns and modern European furniture layouts.

aluminium blinds
Aluminium Venetian product range is the perfect design choice for capturing that urban mood which resonates the ultra-cool. Our Venetians are available in 25 mm and 50 mm slat widths and not only add that requisite modern design effect, but keep your space sleek, spacious, and uncluttered. With easy to use controls, they are the ideal blinds for filtering natural light in order to create a modern ambience in that treasured sanctuary, your home. If, on the other hand, you wish to flood your space and your mood with energizing light, our blinds are easily configured to do so. There are no cumbersome procedures to control the blinds, only ease of use and total sophistication.

Plastic / Beaded Curtains

beaded blind
Plastic / beaded curtains have always been simple and even regular. Sunlock Blinds manufacture a wide variety of plastic blinds including various tapes, plastic strips beaded curtains and nylon ropes. They are mainly ideal for room dividers such as courtyard doors, shop doors such as groceries and butchers shop to prevent insects from entering to their desired location and to avoid low or high temperatures from changing the premises temperature depending if it is summer of winter. Moreover these types of traditional, worldwide blinds are still manufactured made to measure at high accuracy and top quality to ensure best basic blind.

Panel Blinds

panel blinds 2
Panel Blinds are ideal for larger windows and patio doors that are innovative and versatile room dividers. Panel track blinds, also referred to as sliding panels, offer a new and innovative idea for covering extra large windows and sliding glass doors. Hanging panels span your window or stack neatly over each other when opened. These sliding panels also work great as a room divider. Panel Blinds can be cord operated, free hanging & motorized. The motorized option has 3 power source options Power supply unit, battery and also with solar strip.

Curtain Rails

curtain rails
Curtain Rails are a necessity in one’s sweet home to ensure maximum strength and top safety for on mounted heavy curtains. These are made out of white powder coated aluminium for fine finish mounted on high strength metal brackets.

Services Provided by Sunlock Blinds

Delivery and Installation of Products:
The company focuses on delivering and installing their products in a timely and professional manner, with no breakages and fuss. They have been operating under these conditions for years and have earned their client’s respect and trust. If a client wishes to install the blinds on his own, he can and the company will restrict itself to a purely advisory and delivery role.

On-Site Measurements:
A company representative who has experience in his field, will visit your house or office and take measurements of the door or window in question. They can also provide artistic opinions on what will look good in your premises. The solutions these representatives provide can range from antique looks to a modern take on blinds.
These measurements are be taken and the client is charged using a basic flat rate.

Technical Advice:
The trained staff the company employs can provide their clients with valuable information when installing the products. They can also provide artistic opinions on what will look good in your premises. The solutions these representatives provide can range from antique looks to a modern take on blinds. They also offer an after-sales support service which will help clients with their queries and questions.

Sunlock Blinds Online

The company can be found online on both their website and on Facebook. The links can be found below.

Sunlock Blinds Website

Sunlock Blinds Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will learn more about what the company offers in terms of service and products and how the company operates.

Sunlock Blinds on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 24th of March 2012. Since then, it has gathered over 2,800 followers and it’s page is full of images of it’s products and accessories.

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The company can be found opposite the De Rohan Arch and right next door to MICRA.

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