Remote Control Garage Doors in Naxxar, Malta

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New Styles Remote Control Doors produce latest innovations in motorized high quality garage doors that you have always wanted with the best quality material and the most reliable systems.

All Up & Over Garage door with RAL Colour of your choice, follow link below to our color chart:

About New Styles Remote Control Doors in Naxxar, Malta

Manufacturing Garage doors for the Residential and Industrial premises using reinforced panels, Roller shutters for garage doors and windows. All Garage doors are equipped with safety features like the cable safety device and spring safety device. They can be contolled by a remote control, mobile or can be manually opened in case of a powercut. Installation services of garage doors together with repairs and service of the doors are also provided by the staff at New Styles Remote Control Doors.

High Quality Door Panels – Garage Door Colours, Designs, Make and Reinforcements

– Can be of a Wood grain on the surface of the door: the surface of door rolled into clear irregular wood grain. With better visual effect, the special grain can prevent your door from dust so as to assure your door shiny as new.
– Or High-quality painted steel panel, its surface adopts the latest Nano-technology, it has anti-static, corrosion-resistant and self cleaning functions. Even though it is exposed outside to experience suffering from powder and dust, baking by sun and blowing by storms, it can retain its original color and bright as new.
– Solid polyester resin foam in middle sandwich core layer makes heat-preservation and heat-insulation effect better.

– Reinforcing is configured in the middle of the panel to form high intense door.
– The light in internal garage is more bright and delicate by elegant white appearance harmony with various colors.
– Sealing rubber strip that in the bottom of door is the most effective means to prevent door from erosion, by blowing sand and rainwater.

Garage Door Automation Properties

-High durability – the motor travels along the track, meaning low-wear on the gear mechanism.
-In-built safety – all motors sense obstructions during operation, stopping the door travel for safety.
-Secure – the motor is self-locking, giving security against burglary. No additional locking mechanism is needed on the door.
-Extremely quiet opening and closing.
-Can be extended at any time for higher doors.

Radio Remote Control Advantages

-Highly Reliable

-Secure Rolling Code

.Safe from “code scanning” (a code length of 66 bits gives 74 trillion possible combinations. Scanning would take approx. 234 billion years)
.Safe from “code grabbing” (bug-proof)
.Safe from use by unauthorised persons.

.Only high-quality components are used.
.Consistently high quality, even over a long service life (for example, fluctuations in temperature or vibrations have no effect)
-Ideal for Home Automation

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, radio technology is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as:
.All types of operators (e.g. for garage, swing and sliding doors/gates)
.Door openers
.Roller shutters and blinds
.Lighting (indoor and outdoor)
.Alarm systems
and many more.
An extra bonus: its simple, fast and economical installation. No laborious and expensive laying of cables required – saving you time and money.

Roller Shutter Operators / Awning Operators / Tubular Motors are

Very quiet
Particularly reliable
Robust and durable
Safe thanks to thermal overload protection
Easy to maintain thanks to plug-in cable
Easy to install and set the end position
Easy on the roller shutter thanks to smooth movement
Time-saving and convenient
Higher level of security against burglars
No penetration of thermal insulation, as no belt outlet is required
Better appearance (no visible belt)
Takes up less space

Sliding Gates and 2 Leaf Gates by New Styles in Malta

Our company is engaged in supplying a wide range of gates in different styles and looks, using a variety of superior quality material for the ultimate protection of your houses, commercial buildings and offices.
A range of single or double gates is available in order to suit the customers’ needs and requirements with reasonable prices. Our gates are highly resistive to weather conditions and are also anti-corrosive.
A low maintenance is required when opting for our self-locking and automated gates which could also be manually operated if power failure occurs.
Our gates are highly efficient, provided with an efficient motor in both of our sliding gates as well as the two leaf gates, and – of utmost importance – they are durable.
Leading brand of New Styles Remote Control Doors is SOMMER, a German leading manufacturer for high quality Garage doors and Gate automation with the latest technology in door openers and wireless control systems in Europe.
So visit New Styles Remote Control Garage Doors in Naxxar for High Quality Garage doors.

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