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SECOM Limited About

SECOM LIMITED was established in 1991. Their goal was to be one of the leading service providers in the security and telecommunication sector. They aimed to do this by providing their clients with the latest technology and equipment.

They stop at nothing to offer the best possible merchandise to their clients. They also provide custom installations, should you require it. They also provide clients with their expertise and help guide them towards the right product at no extra costs.

SECOM Limited’s Services

SECOM Limited offer a vast array of services, mainly dealing in communication and surveillance.

Some of their services range from installation to maintenance and repairs of the following products :

  • CCTV

SECOM Limited’s Products

SECOM Limited also offer their clients a very large amount of products, in relation to surveillance, monitoring and security. These can range from :

  • Intercoms
  • The company provides you with high-quality intercoms. These are systems designed to help one communicate in, for example, apartment buildings. One set is located in the apartment, the other at the bottom of the complex. These systems range from audio only systems to black and white video and audio or even color video and audio.

    Some products offered by Secom Ltd:

    -Video Hallporters
    -Range of hallporter door panels
    -2 wire intercom and video-intercom kits
    -Hands-free video hallporter

  • Telephony
  • A large range of telephone sets and accessories are available for purchase.

    Some Products offered by Secom Ltd:

    -Telephone Sets
    -Cordless Telephone Sets
    -Telephone wall sockets

  • Burglar alarm equipment
  • Designed to keep you and your interests safe, these systems are efficient, and help you to keep unwanted elements out.

    Some products offered by Secom Ltd:

    -Burglar Expandable Alarm Panels
    -Range of Passive Infra Red Sensors
    -Door Contacts
    -Auto-dialing equipment

  • CCTV Equipment
  • Closed Circuit Tele-Vision systems, which allow remote viewing of locations along one’s premises.

    Some products would be:

    -CCTV Recording Equipment – Both hard disk and tape recording
    -CCTV Range of Color and B/W Cameras
    -PTZ Camera Equipment

    SECOM Limited Online

    You can find SECOM Limited on Facebook, as well as their own site.

    SECOM Limited’s Website

    SECOM Limited Website

    The Website will give you further information about each individual product and will also tell you more about the company and their aims and goals.

    Near SECOM Limited

    Close to SECOM Limited’s premises, one can find Zheta International and right opposite, Elmo Insurance.

    Contact SECOM Limited

    T: (+356) 2124 1318
    E: Secom@onvol.net
    A: 84, Triq Stiefnu Zerafa, Marsa, MRS 2256