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Scotts Supermarket Website

Scott’s Supermarket Website

Scott's Supermarket Website About

If you click on the image provided above, you will find some more information about Scott’s Supermarket. The image above links to their about page; where it states that it is an all-in-one shop, catering to your every-day needs. Scott’s also provides specialized items. It also informs you of Scott’s Supermarkets’ history. It was established in 2002 and can be found in Attard, Burmarrad, Naxxar, Sliema, Spinola, St Lucia and Zabbar.

About Scotts Supermarket

Scott’s Supermarket is a family-run business. They pride themselves in customer satisfaction and have 8 supermarkets, located all over Malta. The family-run Supermarket chain believes in warm and friendly service. It believes that customers come first and their experienced staff are trained to give clients more than the standard supermarket experience. Scott’s Supermarket provides day-to-day items, as well as specialized items needed for parties, events and other similar occasions. They truly do stand out however, when it comes to their fair prices, great offers and also their own specialized products. Their “service-with-a-smile” attitude is what really brings this supermarket chain to the forefront because it shows just how much value they place in their clients and their needs.

The products sold by Scott’s Supermarket, are always in the best of condition. They’re transported in temperature controlled vans, this ensures that the products reach their clients in pristine condition. Furthermore each van carries specific goods to ensure there is no risk of cross contamination. To further ensure that their products remain in the condition which they were intended, the supermarkets themselves are fully air-conditioned and climate controlled.

Scott’s Supermarket also delivers goods purchased, straight to your front door. Should you be busy you can also email in your order.

Services Offered by Scott’s Supermarket

Scott’s Supermarket offers a range of services, available both through their supermarkets, and their website. Below, one can view their services and you can choose how to customize your supermarket experience.

‘Know Your Cheeses’on Scott’s Supermarket

Scott's Supermarket on know Your Cheeses

By clicking on this image, you can find plenty of information about different cheeses. If you’re in a hurry, you will find that this section provides you with a very detailed break-down of facts. Which cheese goes with which meal, its’ maturity, its fat-content, its history and plenty of other interesting information. Scott’s Supermarket has come up with many impressive ways to assist their clientele throughout the years and this feature is one of them.

‘Liz’s Recipes’ on Scott’s Supermarket

Scott's Supermarket Liz's Recipes

Liz’s Recipes, is featured on Scott’s Supermarkets website. It offers plenty of different recipes to fit just about any occasion. The recipes themselves are detailed with precise ingredient amounts, as well as cooking methods. It also includes both sweet and savory recipes to help balance out the makings of a perfect meal.

Home Delivery on Scott’s Supermarket

Scotts Supermarket home deliveries

Whilst Scott’s supermarket does not have an online shop they do offer home delivery. If you lead a busy life-style and barely have any time to shop, you shall be catered for. The delivery service is free to anywhere in Malta for offers over €40.

Contact Scott’s Supermarket

T: (+356) 21 470844/5
A: 244H, The Said Buildings, Fleur de Lys Road, Birkirkara, BKR 9069