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About Sales of Future

Thank you for visiting this website. We are here to help you.

Here you are going to find most of the best domestic appliances in the local market, after years of repairing domestic appliances of all type of brands, hire and selling second hand refrigerators and washing machines.

Now we are going to sell new domestic appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, hobs, cookers
hoods, tumble driers, dishwashers and geyzers.

Our aim is that we share our experience with you.

The traditional way to buy domestic appliances is that you visit almost all the shops around Malta, Look at the appliances (which almost look all the same) ask the price and what about the quality?

Now we are selling domestic appliances in another way.
First we choose the best products by using our experience, we give great attention for their good quality,
good service and guarantee and most of all with competitive prices.

You are invited to visit our website www.bargaindealsite.com to see different brands of products, already chosen by us, contact us by phone or email to give you free consultation helping you to choose the right domestic appliances you need.

Very easy to choose the right product with the help of an expert. Contact us for a free consultation to help you choose the right product.

We also give free consultation at the comfort of your home, especially for those without computer. Advantages are that you save time and money from a shop to another.

Important: You pay nothing until the product is at your home.

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Contact Sales of Future

C: Ray Rizzo
T: 27633824
M: 99451270
E: salesoffuture@hotmail.com
W: www.bargaindealsite.com
A: Sales of Future, Zibri Garage, Triq ix-Xwieni, Albert Town, Marsa
H: Mon-Sat 8.00-21.00

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