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About RGP Marble

RGP Marble in Malta has been established for over 25 years and is a very well respected brand with years of experience in the distribution, manufacturing and installation of a variety of marble, granite, resin and quartz products and services in the Maltese islands. The many years of experience in acquiring the best materials, manufacturing them to clients requirements and installing them is what makes RGP Marble your best choice for any Marble, Granite, Quartz or resin staircases, kitchen tops, monuments, tiling, tomb stones and more.

Staircases, Kitchen Tops, Monuments, Tiling, Tomb Stones and more

In the image above we have show cased some of the works provided by R.G.P. Marble Malta in recent years, with over 25 years of experience in providing custom marble, granite, resin and quartz works the company has had the pleasure of working on many projects they are able to cater to the needs of everyone from residential work to commercial and retail needs in the above image we have mainly focused on showing you a sample of staircases, kitchens, counter tops and flooring provided over the years by RGP Marble. They take pride in their ability to produce their beautiful work in a timely manner and are even able to have Kitchen Tops done in 10 days.

It is always best to contact RGP Marble directly if you have any query as to whether your intended project can be done however with so many years of experience it is unlikely that your needs cannot be satisfied by RGP Marble.

Residential and retail Facades and tables in Marble, Quartz, Resin or Granite

Different materials have different qualities and some are better adapted to certain uses such as being outside and used as facades, some materials also need more maintenance than others and different type of care to keep the material in the best condition. At RGP Marble the experience and knowledge comes as part and parcel with the service, whilst client requirements are ultimately what matters most, a bit of guidance can go a long way in ensuring that you make the best choice as well as knowing the costs and upkeep involved based on your selection. So if you are looking for facades or tables made of Marble, Granite, quartz or resin look no further than RGP Marble they will not only be able to supply you with whatever you need but also provide sound advice.

Tombstones – Marble, Quartz, Resin, Granite Malta

There is nothing more important then remembering our dearly departed and honoring them, this is why at RGP Marble they focus on ensuring the best quality and most durable tombstones. Attention to detail is important as well as choosing the right materials and quality workmanship. Different materials can be used for long lasting high quality tombstones with some of the most popular in Malta being Marble and Granite.

RGP Marble, Quartz, Granite and Resin Malta

RGP Marble distributes, manufactures and installs Marble, Granite and Resin in Malta. Below you can find a little bit of information about each of the materials as well as their main uses and differences.

Marble in Malta

Marble is found in many countries such as Belgium, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, and Spain. Different sources of marble have different colourings and even different qualities, some may be more durable, more dense, lighter, darker as well as many other differences that only a professional would be able to know. The marble featured in this image is not the Marble we are used to seeing but it is interesting to consider the work involved in providing with the shiny polished pieces of marble you see as the final product.

Marble is used for a variety of things from medical to cosmetic however the best known use for marble is most definitely monuments, sculptures, flooring and similar uses including tables. From the Washington Monument an impressive building which is 169 Meters made of marble to a small decorative figurine, marble is versatile long lasting and beautiful. Most commonly in Malta marble is used in churches and cemeteries. Marble is one of the most visually appealing stones available however is best avoided in kitchens due to being sensitive to acidic materials including certain foods. There are ways to make marble more durable by using special sealants for example.

Granite in Malta

Granite is a strong natural stone that requires less maintenance then marble, whilst still being an extremely beautiful stone with depth and complexity and an excellent material for use in monuments, tomb stones, counter tops and having many other applications. The main differences between marble and granite from a visual stand point is that marble normally has veins and is more of a solid and in most cases lighter colour than granite which is actually darker and more often specked and shinier as a material – Granite is also stronger and more durable.

Quartz in Malta

Quartz is also a very popular alternative to granite and marble, it has character, is more durable, cheaper and easier to work with in terms of shaping. For the most part Quartz for countertops, facades, tombstones etc is synthetically made by combining ground quartz with special resins and polymers as well as pigments. Quartz surfaces come in many colours and textures. The end result is very similar to a very strong granite.

Resin in Malta

Resin is also quite popular and has the benefit of being able to be moulded and shaped in many ways. – RGP Marble also provides resin products and can help you with your specific needs. Resin countertops are very popular especially because they are so versatile, hard wearing and also cost effective solutions.

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