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About RG Motors – Malta

RG Motors is a family-run business and has been operating very successfully for many years. They believe in keeping clients happy and stop at nothing to provide their clients with excellent-quality cars which are rented or leased at competitive pricing. RG Motors offers the full spectrum of car leasing and hire, ranging from economical and reliable vehicles such as the Peugeot range all the way to high end vehicles from well known high end car brands such as Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover and Volvo models.

Over the years RG motors has built a strong reputation for assisting clients with the best possible finance solution to suit their needs, RG Motors takes pride in maintaining the best and most knowledgeable product information about the makes and models they supply. Furthermore the one thing that truly separates RG Motors from other car leasing providers is that RG Motors works on the behalf of their clients to ensure that they get the best deal possible. At RG Motors the process does not start with what they can provide but with what you, (the client) needs.

Economy Car Rentals and Leasing Malta

Rays car hire malta
RG Motors maintains a versatile fleet of quality vehicles that are regularly serviced and highly maintained, RG Motors believes that their clients deserve the very best. At RG Motors a focus on attention to detail is made and prior to making vehicles available for rent or lease thorough inspections are carried out ensuring that the vehicles are in pristine condition.

City Car Rental and Leasing

Small economical vehicles are probably one of the best options for the Maltese islands, easy to park, economical to use and easy to drive, especially in Malta’s sometimes very narrow roads.
RG Motors has a good variety of quality small city cars available for rent; leasing options and long term rental agreements are also available for businesses and individuals needing longer term arrangements.

Saloon Car Rentals and Leasing

Whilst small economical cars are great for Maltese roads, sometimes the space is a little limited and there is less luxury and comfort then one will find in a saloon. RG Motors understands that the city car is not the right car for everyone and for clients looking for a car with a little more legroom, larger storage space and even a little more presence on the road a saloon is more suited to their needs. RG Motors provides a number of economical saloon cars for rent, long term rentals and leasing arrangements to suit client needs are also available.

Station Wagons and large vehicles for lease or hire

Sometimes even a saloon is not enough for some clients needs, at RG Motors we fully understand that there are a myriad of reasons you may need a larger vehicle, be it due to being a large family or simply needing ample space for diving equipment or camping gear as an example, RG Motors aims to ensure that whatever the client needs they can provide so get in touch and we are certain they can provide the right vehicle for your needs.

Luxury and Executive Car Hire and Leasing in Malta

RG Motors Executive and luxury vehicles leasing and rental
RG Motors has operated for many years in the high end executive car leasing and contract hire sector for businesses and individuals. Offering not only the most competitive pricing for all Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche and Volvo models but also a strong commitment to offer a total service backed by years of experience and industry knowledge ensuring the most favourable terms available. RG Motors specialise in dealing with both individuals and businesses and can not only provide you with the vehicle you desire but also help you in finding the best solution to suit your needs even from a finance perspective.

RG Motors has been specialising in prestige cars for many years and are a market leader in providing a service that is client centric, as with all RG Motors’ services the journey starts with the clients needs. Why not get in touch and get a customised quote drafted based on your unique needs? RG Motors is committed to providing an industry-leading service and ensuring that your car leasing or rental experience is the very best it can be.

Car sales by RG Motors

RG Motors maintains a very modern fleet and therefore rotates vehicles quite often, clients looking for a bargain quality vehicle that has been maintained and has relatively low mileage will find a number of vehicles available for sale by RG Motors. Besides sales of their own vehicles RG Motors is uniquely positioned to assist clients in sourcing and purchasing specific vehicles from most if not all makes and models, with extensive experiencing in sourcing their own vehicles and a strong industry knowledge RG Motors can help you with purchasing the vehicle you desire.

RG Motors Car Hire and Leasing in Malta Online

RG Motors Malta – Website

RG Motors Website
The RG Motors is frequently updated and well maintained, on their website you will find relevant information about what they can do for you as well as keep up with new information that we at All Malta Online might not have gotten yet, so for the most up to date information do visit their website of use the contact button below to get in touch.

RG Motors Malta – On Facebook

The team at RG Motors are a friendly helpful bunch and for this reason they are doing their utmost to get social on social media such as Facebook, above you can have a look at their latest posts and give them a like to receive updates from them from time to time. Do feel free to jump in and get in touch on Facebook they will be more than happy to interact with you and help you with anything you may need.

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T: + 356 21494440
M: +356 79494440
A: 21, Casa Rimond, Rimona Street, Mosta MST 3440

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