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Recowatt About

The company was founded in 2005 and has since then become a pioneer in the field of solar energy solutions. It’s operations are carried out by very a experienced team of technicians who excel in the fields or renewable energy and who possess unique takes and philosophies on energy provided by the environment around them.

Recowatt aims at reducing the dependency on fossil fuels, which so many industries have formed a dependence on. Their idea of supplying them with a reliable and cost-effective alternative has not gone unnoticed, because to date, Recowatt is one of the growing leaders of renewable energy supplies in Malta and Gozo.

Recowatt’s Products

Recowatt Products

Recowatt offers plenty of products to it’s customers, some of which are pool heating systems, thermodynamic pumps, glass treatments and various kinds of illumination methods, as well as a host of services including building automation. They specialize however, in renewable energy and some of their renewable energy products can be seen in the sections below.

Vertical Wind Energy

Recowatt Wind Turbines

The company supplies it’s customers with a good range of wind energy options. These options are all affordable and give good returns on energy saving.

Some of the different products can be found below :

Easy Vertical:
With Ropatec‘s digital charger, the Easy Vertical Unit is an ideal renewable energy solution for small installations. The charging system developed by Ropatec can be programmed to voltages between 12Vdc – 48Vdc. This gives the user a wider range of battery choices.

Simply Vertical:
The Simply Vertical Unit allows quick installation, and can be connected to various electronic controllers, making it very versatile. When combined with inverters, these controllers bring out the best the unit has to offer.

Maxi Vertical:
The Ropatec Maxi Vertical Unitcan be used for a very large variety of energy applications. When attached to inverters, this unit can feed the electricity grid directly and can also be used for water-heating purposes, as well as a multitude of other energy-saving reasons.

Big Star Vertical:

The Big Star vertical Unit is a high performance turbine, which is also noiseless and aerodynamically efficient. It also looks distinguished and is pleasing to look at when watching it spin gracefully. The qualitu of it’s parts is vastly improved over standard models, as it is designed to withstand wear and tear and be more robust, lasting longer in even the harshest of environments.

Installing these products will benefit clients, due to the fact that it’s energy being supplied by nature itself. Once installed, a renewable-energy product can give clients big returns on their electricity bills.

– Brand Imported by Recowatt:
The Italian brand Ropatec, is synonymous with wind turbines. These turbines are of the highest quality and produce a very good amount of energy.

Photovoltaic Panels

Recowatt PV panels

A PV panel is a panel of crystals, which reacts to sunlight to produce usable energy.

The PV panel is made up of 3 important parts, which are :

1.) The Photovoltaic Module:

This module is designed to withstand very harsh environments and keep functioning, even after years and years of contact. This module is what starts the process in the conversion of sun rays to electrical energy.

2.) The Inverter:

The inverter converts the PV modules electricity (which is initially DC into an AC voltage) which is used by every household. These inverters are made to last and are quite able to handle the constant current passing through them.

3.) Structure

The structure is essentially the skeleton on which the entire module will rest. It should be made of the highest-grade materials which can withstand outdoor temperatures and conditions.

Brand imported by Recowatt :
AXITEC is the main brand which Recowatt imports. It was founded in 2001 and rapidly, making a name for itself in the photovoltaic-cell manufacturing in Germany.

Water Heating Systems

Recowatt Waterheaters

These systems harness the energy given off by the sun and turn it into heat. This heats up the water which can then be delivered to taps all around the house or office or industrial complex.

The main uses of water heating systems are :

  • Use hotels and hospitality sectors
  • Use in commercial entities
  • Use in industrial plants
  • Use in schools
  • Use in the private and domestic sector

Brand imported by the Recowatt:

Recowatt imports world-renowned brands. Their water-heating system line is no different, and features the brand Sonnen Energie.

Recowatt Online

Recowatt can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and their own website. Links to all three can be found below.

Recowatt’s Website

Recowatt Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will find more information about their products, as well as the company itself.

Recowatt on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 8th February 2012. Since then, it has gathered over 1,850 followers and the page is full of pictures of renewable energy products, as well as how they function.

Recowatt on Twitter

Recowatt on Youtube

Near Recowatt

The company can be found just down the road from Casaform Furniture and just a few roads away from ABT.

Contact Recowatt

T: (+356)216 60546
M: (+356)9947 2878,(+356)9906 2969, (+356)7988 6679
E: sales@recowatt.com
A: Mdina Road, Zebbug, ZBG 9019, Malta,EU.