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Water Saving Products | Malta

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About Water Saving Products | Malta

Water Saving Products are products that save on your water consumption and help reduce your water bills

Water saving products are devices that can be added to your water-consuming products (in your bathroom and kitchen), to make them waste less water. This benefits you by saving you water, and thus money on your energy bill, and is beneficial to the environment. In Malta, water is an expensive commodity, so any method of saving on it should be considered. Whilst there is a cost involved upfront, these devices are intended to last for many years, very quickly covering their cost and saving you money!

What kind of water saving products are there:

Well, every item in your house that uses water can utilize some kind of water saving product, but we’ll focus on the 3 big water wasters in every household:


Adding a water saving device to your toilet is the easiest way to save on water, and also the method you will notice the least (except in your bills!).

Adding a dual flush cistern to your toilet allows you to control how much water is used for flushing the toilet. You may have seen these on newer models of toilets, but they can also be added to any toilet, whether wall hung or back to wall. What a dual flush cistern is, is simply two buttons for flushing instead of one. One button is for a “small” flush, and the other is for a “large” flush. The smaller flush will typically utilize 3 Lt of water, whilst the bigger one will utilize 6 Lt. Some brands will also allow you to tweak the water consumption to 3 Lt and 4.5 Lt.

Since the majority of a toilets function requires only the use of a small flush, halving your water consumption with a dual flush cistern results in a nearly 50% water savings per month. Think about how frequently your toilet is used, and you’ll see it is one of the biggest consumers of water in your household. This way, you reduce your energy bills at literally the touch of a button.

Shower Heads:

Choosing the right shower head makes all the difference in your showering experience – a poorly designed head provides weak water spray, whereas a well designed one can compensate for poor water pressure and provide an invigorating experience. A water saving shower head on the other hand can provide you with all the benefits of a quality shower head, whilst significantly reducing your water consumption.

Many people believe that if they get a water saving shower head, they’ll get a weak stream of water and be unable to have a pleasant shower. This used to be true, but now quality suppliers are producing shower heads with built in pressurizers that pressurize the water right before it leaves the shower head, meaning that even if you have poor water pressure, your experience could be significantly improved.

There are actually several types of water saving shower heads, with the most common being a flow limiter – which reduces the amount of water being used whilst upping the water pressure. The other types include a dimmer, that allows you to reduce the spray of water at times you need it less (i.e. during soaping, or when washing your face), to reduce the amount of water used.

Remember, the less water you use in the shower, the less energy you’re using to heat it as well. So not only are you saving on your water bill, but also on your electricity bill. 


Think about how frequently your faucets get used. From washing your hands, brushing your teeth, filling up pots, and washing dishes – your faucets in the kitchen and bathroom are constantly in use. So, what better place to start saving water?

Quality supplies of water saving faucets will have a range of faucets and mixers to suit your needs. The most common type are single-level basin mixers, with a flow-limiting feature and aerator, which reduces water consumption whilst simulating an increased water pressure, so there’s no compromise in experience.

Many of these water faucets will feature a temperature limiter, which can be adjusted to meet your requirements so that you can reduce your electricity consumption even further – for example, setting the maximum water temperature in your faucet to 40 degrees Celsius, if you don’t need it for any hot water tasks.

Higher end manufacturers also produce digital faucets – Using the latest digital interfaces and technology to save water. You can preprogram the faucet with your preferred temperature, running duration and flow rate, as well as programming a ‘stop/start/ flow for things like brushing your teeth.

When purchasing a water saving product, look for the Water Efficiency Label (WELL). WELL is a classification system similar to the one used for white goods such as fridges and dishwashers, which promotes easy understanding of efficiency and allows consumers to select the most effective and efficient item for them. Instead of being for white goods, WELL is for products that utilize water, such as shower heads, faucets and toilet cisterns.  

Where to buy Water Saving Products in Malta

All the above listed water saving products can be purchased at Alfred Hili’s. Alfred Hili are the importers of the prestigious Grohe line of bathrooms and bathroom products, including many products designed to save you water and money. Trust the best, at Alfred Hili. Grohe products feature top of the line water saving products which have achieved WELL classifications of A and above, proving themselves in the world of water saving.

To calculate how much you could save using one of Grohe’s water saving products, try using their calculator: CLICK HERE – to calculate water and electricity savings.

Alfred Hili | Qormi | Malta

Alfred Hili - Importers of Grohe bathroom productsGrohe products by Alfred hili

Alfred Hili

Address: No. 17, Guze Galea Street, Qormi,QRM2106, Malta

E-mail: /

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri:  9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m   |   4.00 p.m. to 6.45 p.m.

Saturdays:  9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m

Alfred Hili | Water Saving Products on the Map | Qormi | Malta

About Alfred Hili, importer of Grohe Products

Alfred Hili & Co. Limited was incorporated on 11/02/1977 and started trading on the 01/05/1977.  The company took over the business that was being run by its founder, Alfred Hili, as a sole trader.  Mr Alfred Hili had returned to Malta from Tunis, where his family had emigrated in the beginning of the twentieth century, just before the second world war broke out.  Having had experience as an accountant and financial manager in a large French construction firm, he started dealing in building materials. On the 25th June 1945 he obtained the commission agency licence from the Chamber of Commerce.

In the late 1950’s Mr Alfred Hili became Messrs Friedrich Grohe’s agent in Malta. After the demise of Mr Alfred Hili, his daughter, Mrs Evelyn Spiteri succeeded him as Managing Director.  During the period when she was running the company, it made great strides. The company is now being run by her son, David Spiteri Hili and his wife, Irene Spiteri Hili; with the help of their children Alfred and Michelle.