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SOLARCOOL | Solar Refrigeration MALTA

SolarCool | Solar Refrigeration Malta

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“Malta benefits from at least 3,000 hours of unbroken sunshine every year. The potential for energy reduction here is vast, in particular for food production and food retail business”.
Chris Micallef, Technical Director – Sedna Aire

A lot of businesses with Cold rooms are saving a lot of money on electricity bills through SolarCool technologies, Golden Harvest is one of them. A creative solution is SolarCool, a refrigeration system that uses solar technology to reduce electricity use even when it’s cloudy, saving up to 60% in energy costs.

How does SolarCool work?
The Solar panels absorb the UV rays of the sun, heating up the vacuum tubes which in turn heat the refrigerant gas as it passes through. The more heat that changes in energy gas molecules, the faster the flow in the system traveling through the expansion valve. The expansion valve gives an increased energy capacity to the evaporator which in turn reduces the energy demand as the compressors begin to shut down. The panel takes over the energy load requirement which gives power to refrigeration systems.

The Benefits of SolarCool
SolarCool saves vast amounts of electricity that will reduce your energy bill, through solar energy – a clean, free natural source of energy. It reduces CO2 emissions and eliminates compressor failure due to overheating. In turn SolarCool reduces maintenance costs, increasing lifespan of the SolarCool unit which increases profitability in business. When the sun is in the sky, if it is -5⁰C or 30⁰C while other systems work hard, SolarCool rests. The fact is the more heat from the sun, the more efficient SolarCool becomes.

SolarCool is the best refrigeration solution for businesses that stock on fruits and vegetables, dairy products, bakery foods, meat, fish and precooked products. If the food is not stored at the right temperatures, it will spoil due to chemical reactions, bacteria and water loss. Also losing its nutritional value and taste which will affect the consumer’s choice. Freezing can therefore keep the food fresh for a longer span of time from a few days to weeks to months with the SolarCool refrigeration systems.

Where to buy SolarCool technology in Malta

You can buy the refrigeration system Solarcool from Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Ltd. Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Limited supplies The SolarCool systems from a reputable company Sedna Aire Group, based in USA. Sedna Aire Group holds the patent and trademarks for these technologies in the USA and around the world. Their trained staff offer professional advice to help dicuss what is required to bring out the best in the refrigeration service. The staff also offer the service of installing the SolarCool Units for you.

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