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Solar and Security Window Film | Malta

Solar and Security Window Film | Malta

Solar window film, known as tinting in cars

Even if you’re unfamiliar with window film for homes, you’ve almost certainly encountered it in cars – in the form of tinted windows. However, the uses of window film extend far beyond just adding more privacy to the backseat of a car!

You can use window film in your home for:

Safety and Security:
Solar & Security Window Film to protect your windows from anything - even bomb blasts. Window film will protect your family in case of accident, by preventing shattering glass from flying out
High performance safety and security films are tested to the highest standards to meet Health and Safety legislation for safety glazing. Once applied to glass these films will meet with BS 6206 class A.B.C.PrEn12600 class 1b or 2b impact testing, depending on glass types and thickness.

Once applied to glass, these window films form a tough transparent protective skin that helps keep dangerous shards of broken glass in place. This is especially important for people with enthusiastic children and pets who have large windows or French doors – you can rest easy knowing that even if they break a window, they won’t be harmed by shattering glass.

Some companies also offer special  high performance “Bomb Blast” window films – they hold shattered glass in place, which along with reducing the harm from flying glass, also saves lives and protects property. These films can be clear or tinted, and are a more cautious choice than regular window film. This is mostly for VIPs and individuals living in turbulent areas – a typical family home only requires standard window films. 

Privacy and Decorative:

Do you have large french windows? Maybe your ground floor windows face a busy street with many onlookers? Or maybe inside your house you have doors with glass inlays that don’t provide as much modesty or privacy as you’d like. Window films can add an attractive decorative finish that provides you with more privacy by giving the glass an etched look, making it fully opaque, stripped, patterned, or even include a company logo in the design (if for an office building, for example).


In summer, quite a lot of your air conditioning’s cooling power is lost via your windows! You have the same problem in winter. Adding clear insulation film to windows helps to reject unwanted heat and glare in summer, and reduces heat loss by up to 30% in winter. This reduces energy costs of air conditioning in the summer, as well as the need for additional heating in the winter.

Solar Protection:

Perfect for offices and home offices – solar window films help to filter out the worst of the sun’s heat and glare! Glare is reduced by up to 94%, which not only increases worker producitivy but also reduces eyestrain. Reducing glare also reduces the number of human errors made in fields involving design, such as printing – since colors will be viewed more accurately

The use of window film will also keep buildings cooler in summer whilst not reducing lighting, making for a more comfortable working environment and reducing your energy bills.

Fade Reduction:

If you own delicate artifices or house antiques, you may want to consider solar window film. High quality films can reduce fading and damage to objects by reducing harmful UV rays entering through the glass by up to 99%. These films are already in use at museums to protect objects on display, as they are clear and once installed, the film is virutally undetectable.

Tined or reflective films can be used to cut ultraviolet, visible light and infra-red light to offer more options of fade reduction.

Vehicle tinting:

Vehicle tinting can provide passengers with more privacy and comfort by both blocking out sun glare, helping to maintain the inside car temperature, and prevent onlookers from looking into the car. This is of particular use to VIPs and other people trying to avoid being noticed.

Check out this video about Solar Window Film from Carpet Zone

Where to buy Solar and Security Window Film in Malta

You can buy some of the highest quality solar and security window film in Malta from CarpetZone. CarpetZone stocks SSAF solar and security window film, which is a highly reputable UK company.  Their trained and experienced staff can help discuss the various available options with you, to determine which type of window film would best fulfill your personal requirements. They will then professionally install the window film for you, for a completely hassle free experience.

CarpetZone | Birkirkara |  Malta

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Contact: Alfred Delicata Tel: 21498080 Mob: 99888467
Address: 160, Valley Road, Birkirkara, BKR9012, Malta
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 10.00 to 12.30/17.00 to 19.30   |    Sat 9.00 to 13.00

CarpetZone | Solar and Security Window Film on the Map | Birkirkara | Malta

About CarpetZone, supplier of carpets and solar and security window film

CarpetZone will provide you with one of life’s major comforts – a plush wall to wall carpet! Improving your decor, adding more warmth and pleasure to your surroundings – carpets can make a world of difference to your home or office!

When considering installing a wall to wall carpet, only entrust the job to people who are well trained and will get the job done right on the first go. With over 30 years of experience, why go anywhere else? Offering 1st class fitting, competitive prices, reliable service, free estimates and free delivery – Our aim is to treat each and every client as an individual with exceptional needs and wants that leads us to our motto:

“Exceeding each and every of our customer’s expectations”

Whilst CarpetZone’s major focus is on carpets, they are also the Maltese distributors for SSAF solar and security window films. As part of their mission to improve your home life quality by making your home your palace, CarpetZone’s solar and security window films will not only save you money, they will also give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve made your windows safer, as well as act as decoration in areas that need it!