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Smoothies | Malta

About Smoothies | Malta

Fruit smoothies are both incredibly healthy and also a quick fix for those who are in a rush in the mornings and need to have their breakfast on the go

Smoothies have been growing in popularity in Malta over the last few years, with more and more places offering fresh smoothies to buy when you’re out and about. Of course, making smoothies at home has been done for many many years – but there are still a lot of people who feel it’s simply too much work.

If it seems like a hassle, Smoochie has been filling that gap for people wanting to buy a smoothie to drink later on. Smoochie is the first fresh, bottled, smoothie maker in the Mediterranean. Based in Malta, Smoochie’s smoothies are made from fresh fruit and nothing else. No concentrates, no preservatives and no added sugar, e-things or artificial additives and not even a drop of water – just simple, pure, natural ingredients.

Smoochie can be found in many grocers and large supermarkets, and comes in 6 delicious flavors.

Making your own smoothies doesn’t have to be incredibly time consuming either. Take a look around your kitchen and see what fruits you have laying around. That banana that’s a bit bruised and brown? The apple that’s a bit too tart? Some forgotten kiwis at the back of the fridge? Throw them all together into a blender, blend for 30 seconds and watch the flavors meld together. Add some water, juice or milk to thin out your mixture if it’s a bit too thick, add a dollop of honey/sugar if it’s not sweet enough, and enjoy your drink!

To save on clean up time (since washing a blender can be a pain), simply use a container and a hand blender. You can drink the smoothie right out of the container, and only the bottom half of the hand blender needs rinsing – reducing clean up time to mere seconds.

If you’re not sure what fruits go together, you’ll be happy to know that it is hard to go wrong when making a smoothie. Most fruits go together wonderfully, and as long as you like their taste, you should be happy. The addition of at least half a banana adds creamy thickness to the mixture however, so you may want to include them.

If you’re still not sure, the internet is filled with smoothie recipes, and there are links included below.

Smoothies allow you to get the full benefit of the fruit, unlike juices, as they also retain the fiber of the fruit. They’re very filling and nutritious, and can be tweaked to suit your needs. Throw in some almonds before blending for a protein boost. Add half an avocado for some healthy fat and additional creaminess.

Kids tend to love smoothies as well, and they’re an exceptionally easy way to ensure they’re getting their 5 a day, as they don’t even notice it’s healthy once they’re drinking them.

Smoothie Recipes:

Most smoothies focus on fruits, but you may have seen a trend online of “green” smoothies – which utilize vegetables as well, for added nutrients and health benefits. The most common additions are kale and spinach, which are blended with fruits such as apples and pears to cut down on the bitter taste. There are also various supplements you can add to your smoothies, and the fruits will mask the flavor. Adding pitted dates will also add some sweetness.

Below are smoothie recipes involving different combinations of fruits (and vegetables), and their nutritional and calorific information:

Where to buy Smoothies and smoothie ingredients in Malta

You can buy the Smoochie range of fresh smoothies in St Julian’s and St Venera, which are prepared fresh daily. Park Towers Supermarkets also stocks everything you could need for making a smoothie – milk (including almond and coconut), juice, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen fruit and vegetables, even blenders and hand blenders if you need them!

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