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Renting a Sporty Car in Malta

About Renting a Sporty Car in Malta

Travelling solo or as a couple? Get to your destination in style and class by renting a sports car for your Malta stay.

Soak in the sunshine, the sweet wind and the sights as you cruise in quaint roads around the islands. Nothing beats the taste of salty air as the warm breeze accompanies you on your journey. Feel at one with your surroundings; with a sports car, you are part of the scene.

Because of its short distances and scenic routes, exploring Malta with a sports car is as exciting as it sounds. Nothing beats savouring the silence on a warm night; or cuddling up and observing stars to a cool breeze. Escape city life and make your own memories in your own time. Prefer the hustle and bustle and the energy of night life? Then Malta’s the place for you too. With a young population who seriously knows how to party, the difficult part of your trip would be choosing where to be. The islands have much to offer in making your holiday memorable and one to speak of for years to come.

Nowadays, it’s super easy to rent a sports car. Simply make your choice on the car that you wish to accompany you on your trip, and enjoy!


Where can I rent a sporty car in Malta?

Freeways Auto Rentals

C: Josef Borg
T: 21575267 | M: 79591768 / 79309689
A: 30, Horatio Nelson Street, Qawra
H: 24/7

About Freeways Auto Rentals

Freeways Auto Rental has been in business for many years and past customers have nothing but good things to say regardless of where you search for review about them. If you are seeking reliable and affordable car hire along with friendly service you will not be disappointed. They have a considerable variety of cars available to suit your needs from mini vans to sub compact and SUV’s you will find the vehicle you need.

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