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Renting a Manual Car in Malta

About Renting a manual car in Malta

Manual Stick Shift Car Rental Malta

Whilst driving an automatic transmission car might be more convenient, manual transmission cars are a more favoured option in Malta, and Europe as a whole. When looking for car rental for your Malta holiday, you will easily realise that there is far more choice for manual transmission vehicles.

Added to their greater availability, manual cars are cheaper to rent and not overly difficult to secure, even if you’re booking at the last minute. When it comes to fuel efficiency, there is negligible difference between automatic and manual.

The Maltese love their cars and an automatic transmission vehicle is widely seen as the ‘lazy’ option. A manual car is more fun to drive. If you’ve never driven a manual car before, starting out may be a little tricky, especially due to the hilly nature of our islands,  but you will soon grow accustomed to changing gears.

If you think that driving a manual would be a challenge, especially if you’re also not accustomed to driving on the left-hand side, then maybe opting for an automatic transmission car would be a better option for you.

A Hyundai i10 or i20, a Chevrolet Lacetti Saloon or Station Wagon, a Suzuki or Maruti Jeep, or a Kia Picanto in manual transmission are perfect for your travels on the island. Having your own rental car means you can explore at your own pace and to your own liking. Guide books are only there as a guide; time to get behind the wheel and discover the islands’ secrets.

Where can I rent a manual car in Malta?

Freeways Auto Rentals

C: Josef Borg
T: 21575267 | M: 79591768 / 79309689
A: 30, Horatio Nelson Street, Qawra
H: 24/7

About Freeways Auto Rentals

Freeways Auto Rental has been in business for many years and past customers have nothing but good things to say regardless of where you search for review about them. If you are seeking reliable and affordable car hire along with friendly service you will not be disappointed. They have a considerable variety of cars available to suit your needs from mini vans to sub compact and SUV’s you will find the vehicle you need.

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