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Renting an Economy Vehicle in Malta

About Renting an Economy Vehicle in Malta

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On holiday and on a budget? Renting a car is not a luxury money-wise. In terms of convenience though, it definitely is. An economy vehicle will not exceed your allocated holiday funds. Freedom to wander around the island at a reasonable cost and without having to rely on public transport delays and crowds are pluses which we can easily say ‘yes’ to.

The Maltese islands are small in size but not in sights. Beat the crowds and savour natural and historical spots at your own pace. Distances are small so fuel expenses are not much. Either way, unlike other European cities, refuelling your car in Malta is not expensive. And who says no to air-conditioning? Summers in Malta can be quite hot if not accustomed to this warm climate; waiting for public transport in the scorching heat is not something many regard favourably. In summer, temperatures go upwards of 30 degrees Celsius daily. Your own rented economy car comes in handy for the winter months too. The sun shines most days, but when it rains, forget the misty drizzle; it pours! Be your own king or queen this holiday and explore at your own leisure, and in utmost convenience.

A Hyundai i10, a Kia Picanto, or a Peugeot 108, can be your vehicle for thorough exploration of a Mediterranean gem. Nothing beats a calm drive through empty country rounds giving you ample time to truly savour your surroundings.

Where can I rent an economy vehicle in Malta?

Freeways Auto Rentals

C: Josef Borg
T: 21575267 | M: 79591768 / 79309689
A: 30, Horatio Nelson Street, Qawra
H: 24/7

About Freeways Auto Rentals

Freeways Auto Rental has been in business for many years and past customers have nothing but good things to say regardless of where you search for review about them. If you are seeking reliable and affordable car hire along with friendly service you will not be disappointed. They have a considerable variety of cars available to suit your needs from mini vans to sub compact and SUV’s you will find the vehicle you need.

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