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    Maltese Wine | Malta

    About Maltese Wine Over two thousand years ago in the Phoenician era, wine production was introduced in Malta. In the la...

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    French Wine | Malta

    About French Wine The French wines that are produced range from expensive high-end wines that are sold internationally t...

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    Italian Wines | Malta

    Italy is one of the oldest wine-producing countries, known worldwide for the broad variety of Italian wines. There are o...

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    Salmon | Malta

    Salamun is the Maltese version of Salmon. They are found in the Northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, most types of salm...

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    Swordfish | Malta

    Pixxispad is the Maltese version of Swordfish. This type of fish has a round elongated body, known for its flat long swo...

Delphi Foods – Dips | Malta

Delphi Dips

About Delphi Dips, Greek Food & Mediterranean Specialties | Malta The dips produced by this company, are of genuine quality. They also taste heavenly, are quite refreshing and come in a vast range of flavors and ingredient combinations. Some dips are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Delphi products also benefit from a reduction in… Read More »

Delphi Foods – Olives | Malta

Delphi Olives

About Delphi Olives, Greek Food & Mediterranean Specialties | Malta The olives, which are specifically selected by Delphi taste great. They are of high-quality and are range toppers when it comes to customer’s choices. Each kind of olive possesses quite a delicate taste and they are meant for those who enjoy unusual and particular delights…. Read More »

Delphi Foods – Salads | Malta

About Delphi Salads, Greek Food & Mediterranean Specialties | Malta The salads produced by Delphi taste heavenly and are of seriously good quality and taste. These salads are quite refreshing and come in a vast range of flavors, with tempting ingredient combinations to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Some salads are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans… Read More »

Delphi Foods – Tapas | Malta

Delphi tapas

About Delphi tapas, Greek Food & Mediterranean Specialties | Malta The tapas Delphi supplies to it’s clients are very healthy and do not compromise on taste. These heavenly treats are also high-end products and are full of genuine ingredients. The tapas come in a vast range of flavors, some of which are particularly picante, others… Read More »

Mozzarella | Malta


About Mozzarella | Malta Mozzarella in Malta is an extremely popular cheese. This cheese originated from the south of Italy. It was made from Italian buffalo milk(traditionally) by the method of “pasta filata” and if cow’s milk was used instead, the name changed to “Fior di latte”. The term is sometimes used wrongly, categorizing certain… Read More »

Brie | Malta


About Brie | Malta Brie in Malta, is quite popular among those who love fine cheeses. It is a soft cheese, made from cow’s milk. It inherited it’s name from the part of France from which it originated. As a cheese, it is pale in color. It also is covered by a layer of white… Read More »

Gbejniet | Malta


About Gbejniet | Malta Gbejniet are a typical Gozitan food, found in the Maltese Islands. They are used to complement many meals, as well as being able to suffice as a whole meal themselves. It is an ancient Gozitan craft and the recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. Gozitan cheeselets at the… Read More »

Feta Cheese | Malta


About Feta Cheese | Malta Feta cheese is a delicacy here in Malta and the Maltese do love it. Feta is a brine(salt-water) soaked white-cheese, which is made in Greece. It is crumbly in consistency and is also aged. It is commonly shaped into blocks and has a grainy texture. Feta can be used both… Read More »

Cheddar Cheese | Malta


About Cheddar Cheese | Malta Cheddar cheese is very popular in the Maltese Islands. This particular cheese is tough, pale-yellow in color and is also sometimes sharp-tasting. It originated in the English village of Cheddar in Somerset. The cheese produced in this style is also produced further beyond the English region. Cheddar is one of… Read More »

Camembert | Malta


About Camembert | Malta The Maltese are fond of Camembert, be it fresh, young or mature. Marie Harel, a farmer from Normandy, is the creator of that very same cheese. It was made from raw milk, in France in 1791. The cheese, issued to French troops during the First World War, became very set in… Read More »