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The kitchen is considered the central hub of most family homes. It’s the place you go to make breakfast, lunch dinner, prepare a cup of tea for a guest, as well as host family holiday meals. All in all, a lot of time is spent in the kitchen, and since most of that time involves you working in the kitchen, it is important that your kitchen works for you. If you have ever had to cook a large meal in a tiny ill equipped kitchen, you undoubtedly know that what could be a relaxing experience quickly turns very stressful as you have less and less room to maneuver and you keep banging into things.

Whilst it’s always preferable to have a nice spacious kitchen, that’s not everybody’s reality – but there are always ways to improve your kitchen, and make it more efficiently and effectively work for you!

Firstly, consider what are your essential items, the items you cannot do without in a kitchen. For example:

Fridge / Freezer:

No kitchen is complete without one, but the type you get depends on your family needs. If you are a single individual, or a couple with no children, then a standard sized fridge freezer will serve you well. If you tend to prepare and freeze a lot of your food, or bulk buy, then consider either getting a double door fridge freezer, which has a freezer equal in size to a fridge, or a separate chest freezer to your standard fridge.

Families with small children may benefit from a stainless steel fridge which will remain free of grubby fingerprints!

No matter the type of fridge you choose, if you are looking to save on electric bills (as well as be more environmentally friendly), look at the rating on your fridge. Fridges with an A+/AA rating can be bought for very reasonable prices and will save you a bundle on your electricity bills over time.

Another thing to look at when purchasing a fridge is to ensure it is able to stay frost-free. Frost not only takes up valuable space in your fridge and freezer, but also makes your appliance work harder and consume more electricity.

Oven and Stove:

After the refrigerator, the oven/stove are the most important appliances in your kitchen. This is where most of the cooking will happen after all, and a good quality oven can make all the difference.

When deciding on the type of oven and stove you want in your kitchen, first decide on whether you want an electric or gas appliance. A gas oven and stove will be slightly more expensive than an electric oven, but will save you money on utilities quite quickly. On the other hand, many people find electric ovens and stoves to be more convenient.

An electric stove has the benefit of no open flames, which gives people peace of mind when there are small children around, but care must still be taken to ensure they do not burn their hands on the stove which will still be very hot. Electric ovens have a similar benefit, as well as there being no chance of leaking gas.

Some gas ovens will utilize electricity for some tasks, such as for grilling.

Once you’ve decided whether electric or gas, it’s time to decide where you want your oven to go. If you are remodeling a kitchen or building it from scratch, you may want to go for a built in look which blends your oven seamlessly into the rest of your kitchen, giving a polished look. If this is not an option, make sure to measure the space you have available for your oven before purchasing, to ensure it fits snugly and isn’t too big, or too small (leaving unsightly gaps on the side!).


A common kitchen appliance, the humble microwave has evolved beyond just heating up food. Most microwaves nowadays also include a grilling functionality, as well as a defrost setting. The defrost setting is especially handy in summer, when you need meat to defrost quickly but you don’t want to risk leaving it out in the heat. Grilling in the microwave is also much faster than in the oven, and generates less heat in your house.

You can find microwaves in many different styles and colors now, not just the standard white, but even if you don’t find something that matches your decor, the beauty of their small size is that they can function out of a cabinet and be kept hidden from view.


Whilst many households in Malta do not utilize a dishwasher, this appliance is slowly catching on in busy households that have many family members and just not enough time to wash the dishes! Thought to consume a lot of water, they actually save on water usage if you are a large household, or have small children that produce many dirty dishes. Ensure you fully load the machine and don’t run it half empty for optimal energy savings.

Dishwashers, like ovens, can be either stand alone, or built into a cabinet to be hidden from view.

Once you have your necessary large appliances in mind, you also need to take into consideration how much storage space you need, and wether you like an open shelf system or to keep things hidden from view. More storage space can also provide you with more counter top room, which if you enjoy using the kitchen is always a benefit.

You may want to consider having a kitchen island if your kitchen size permits; this “Floating” unit stays in the middle or side of a kitchen and doubles as both additional countertop workspace (great for the holidays if you have helpers!), and as a place to sit and eat breakfast. Under the countertop you can have either closed cabinets, or open ones to hold produce that needs air to circulate around it.

For more ideas on designing your ideal kitchen, click here!

Where to buy Kitchens in Malta

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