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Healthy Sandwiches | Malta

About Healthy Sandwiches | Malta

A healthy sandwich can take your diet further than the standard ham and cheese; with nutritious hearty fillings, the humble sandwich can keep you going throughout your busy morning

The humble sandwich is something of a chameleon. Your options for fillings and breads types together make a limitless amount of combinations, ensuring that there’s something for just about everyone.

When you’re thinking about having a sandwich for breakfast, try to go beyond the standard ham & cheese toastie, and really make your sandwich into a filling meal. A light sandwich with just some butter and cheese, or any other light fillings, will quickly leave you hungry and lacking in energy.

First, when you’re making your breakfast sandwich, choose your bread type.

Common bread varieties include:

  • White bread
  • Wholewheat bread
  • Multigrain bread
  • Ftira bread
  • Ciabatta bread
  • Panini bread
  • Bread rolls (can be found in white or wholewheat)
  • Bagels (can be found in white or wholewheat)
  • Pitas (can be found in white or wholewheat)

What bread you choose depends partially on your personal preferences, and partially on dietary needs. White bread is the most common bread you’ll find in the supermarket, but those looking for a healthier option, and particularly diabetics looking for bread with a lower glycemic index should look for wholewheat or multigrain bread. Wholewheat and multigrain contain more nutrients than white bread, with multigrain usually having a crunchy mix of of grains and seeds tossed in.

Your bread choice can also be influenced by the types of fillings you intend to use. Ciabatta and panini bread are excellent choices for toasted sandwiches, since they’re soft and can have layered fillings inside without becoming difficult to eat. Pita bread is great for fillings that can drip or get messy, since you just fill the pocket and they’re self contained. This also makes pita bread a great choice for on-the-go breakfasts. Bagels and Ftiras are sturdier, and if the layers of fillings are too high in them, they become difficult and messy to eat, so keep those simpler!

Once you’ve chosen your bread type, it’s time to choose a filling. When making a healthy breakfast sandwich, you want to ensure a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. With bread being a very carb dense food, you want the fillings to balance out the fat and protein. Not only will this keep you fuller for longer, but it will also reduce the insulin spike caused by bread.

Savory sandwich filling ideas:

  • Avocado and Tuna – A great option for a protein and healthy fat rich start to the day, both ingredients are good for you and delicious together. Add some tomatoes or cucumbers to add some more nutrients to the mix.
  • Cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes – The creaminess of the cheese and the tangy taste of the sun dried tomatoes is sure to be a hit
  • Minute steak, onions and mushrooms – If you’ve got a busy morning, this filling sandwich is a whole meal on it’s own, and can even be made for lunch times. Filled with protein, it will keep you going for longer.
  • Egg omelette – Add some spinach or tomatoes to the mixture, and put between two slices of bread for a protein rich healthy breakdast.

Sweet sandwich filling ideas:

  • Peanut butter, bananas and jam – PB&J is a classic American childhood staple, update it with some sliced bananas to make it into a healthier option.
  • Goats cheese and fig preserve – Somewhere between sweet and savory, this mixture hits all the right notes. Toast your sandwich to melt the goat cheese for another layer of flavor.
  • Cream cheese, honey and strawberries – Either mix them all together in a bowl beforehand, or layer them on top of your bread, for a delicious breakfast that’s also healthy.

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich Recipes

Because the bread if just a vessel, your options for fillings are incredibly vast. Below are some links for healthy sandwich breakfast recipes:

Where to buy Healthy Sandwiches and their components in Malta

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