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Gypsum Installations | Malta

About Gypsum Installations | Malta

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Gypsum is a generic term used to collect a number of products, related to gypsum work. When installing gypsum products, one can opt for a gypsum board, which is a collective name for a host of panel products. These products are made up of a non-combustible core, made mainly of gypsum. A paper surfacing on the face, back and long edges is also present on the board. Most gypsum panels contain gypsum cores. Some however can be faced with a host of other materials, including paper or fiberglass mats. Gypsum board can also be referred to as drywall, plasterboard or even wallboard.

Below are a few examples of different Gypsum installation options which are usually present in some modern houses.

Options for Gypsum Installations

Here, you can find some more information about how gypsum can be installed in your home. The finished product looks stylish and it’s versatility can enable you to give your house the specific look you’ve wanted all along.

You can do this by installing :

Divider Walls

If you do not like the layout of your room, you can opt to move the furniture around. If on the other hand, the problem lies within the structure of the room itself, a simple furniture re-shuffle will not suffice. Gypsum divider walls can really make a difference here. These walls are used to separate long corridors, divide rooms into segments, or even perhaps construct new walls to make smaller rooms from one big room.

False Ceilings

The name suggests that the false ceiling is one which doesn’t alter the current elevation of the current ceiling. Some gypsum installation experts are able to create more than one ceiling. This combination is called a “dropped ceiling”. The “dropped ceiling” is a 2nd flat ceiling installed after the 1st flat ceiling. The effects created are wonderful and really can bring a house’s character out.

Waterproofing and Humidity Reduction

By application of certain membranes and products, gypsum installers can waterproof your walls and ceilings, as well as prevent water from entering your house in the future.

Humidity in air is important for a number of health reasons.If too much humidity is present in one’s home, it can have an adverse effect. The extra humidity will enable mould to grow and thus cause respiratory problems for certain people. Humidity reduction is designed to eliminate this problem. By never letting mould grow on your walls or ceilings, it can circumvent the entire problem from the start and the actual products used can lasts longer, depending on who and what is used to apply them.

Sound Proofing

This is quite a popular use of gypsum . Gypsum can be designed to look like most modern building materials, but it is cost-effective, less heavy and requires less effort to install. Some gypsum installation specialists are capable of designing the perfect acoustic environment for each of your living spaces. This is done by layering materials on top of the gypsum wall or ceiling to dampen noise. These materials are packed together in a specific order.

Advantages Of Gypsum Installation

Gypsum installations can benefit their users in the following set of ways :

  • Being cost-effective
  • Being very durable
  • Being very versatile
  • Creates less dust and dirt than traditional limestone walls
  • Being very easy to apply
  • Can be modified
  • Where to get Gypsum Installations

    PJ Gypsum Website | Malta

    PJ Gypsum Malta Website
    On PJ Gypsum’s website one can find a myriad of information about the services they provide, past projects as well as the company history. By clicking the image above you will visit PJ Gypsum’s website.

    Contact PJ Gypsum | Malta

    T: 99 82 67 05
    A: 94, Triq Salvu Aquilina, Mosta, MST 3162, Malta, Europe