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Garage doors

There are many features that one can consider when choosing a garage door. Garage doors are available in plenty of materials and each material has its own benefits and shortcomings. More information about garage doors has been provided below and this can help you compare each material and find out which one best suits your needs.

Different Types of Garage Door

Mechanically, there are plenty of different kinds of garage doors available. some of which are :

  • Sectional Doors
  • A sectional door is made up of panels, joined by a custom-built hinge system. This allows the door to be stored in the roof space installed along with the door itself. These sections enable the use of a mechanism for opening the door itself. This mechanism is smooth, simple and easy-to-use. More over, these doors are very weather resistant and are quite secure.

  • Roller Shutters
  • Roller shutters are built from interconnected steel slats. These steel slats roll upwards by means of special springs which are tempered, counterbalancing and made of steel. These springs come in various sizes and are mounted on a steel shaft. The slats slide into side channels, which are purposely made according to the width of the door. They are then bolted to the wall and the installation is complete. Most shutters possess central or lateral locks and a bottom reinforced angular profile, along with a handle. All the door’s components are galvanized and the garage doors are best suited to secure shops, businesses, homes, and industrial buildings.

  • Hinged Doors
  • These hinged doors are made from galvanized steel sheets. These can either come in a self-finish detail or in one of the many PVC coats available. The door panels consist of a stiffening baton, which runs along the doors height. This is used for greater rigidity,security and strength. The hinges are also galvanized and enable the doors to last a long time without being serviced. These doors come equipped with a multi-turn rim latch lock. This lock is very secure and is capable of protecting your possessions properly. The door frame is also galvanized and made up of steel angles, which are anchor bolted to the wall and welded securely together. These hinged doors can be fitted with fully-functioning windows
    and in some cases, a remote controlled electric opener can be installed.

  • Steel Flush Doors
  • These doors are manufactured from galvanized steel sheets. They can be locked by means of a multi-turn rim latch lock or by simple running bolts. The door frame is made from galvanized steel angles, which are welded together. They are then bolted to the wall. These doors are sometimes used for side accesses to a garage, yards and as doors leading to a roof .The doors can also be fitted with opening windows, which allow for a more airy and brighter interior.

  • Sliding Doors
  • Sliding doors are manufactured from galvanized steel. The sliding door mechanism consists of sealed ball bearing top hangers, which run into a heavy-duty channel profile and bottom-bar guides. A multi-turn rim latch lock system is usually incorporated in the door and is adequate as security. Opening windows can be incorporated to allow light and ventilation. to enter inside. These doors are specialized in design and are used when the entirety of the garage has to be used. A remote controlled electric opener can be installed in some cases.

Different Material and Styles of Garage Doors

There are plenty of different kinds of material and style combinations when choosing the right garage door to suit your needs. Some of the potential matches can be found below.

The materials used to build the garage doors are :

  • PVC Garage Doors
  • PVC is highly durable. PVC will not rot or corrode like many other materials and is an easy-to-clean surface. Newer PVC is fire resistant and in most cases provides a good level of security as it is a relatively hard material.

  • Aluminium Garage Doors
  • A rust-free material which is lighter than steel and more durable. Most modern garage doors are made of aluminium.

  • Steel Garage Doors
  • A strong but heavy material. If galvanized it can resist rust and is excellent in terms of protection.

  • Wood
  • A material which is natural and provides a certain aesthetic beauty. It can be worn down by the elements through the years and needs more maintenance.

  • Wood Composite
  • This door provides a certain specific look while also being quite resilient to weather conditions. Made from compressed wood-boards, it it not as tough as normal wood.

  • Fiberglass
  • Fiberglass doors consist of very fine sheets of glass, which are then compressed together into a solid material. This process, along with other additives, can yield very string doors.

The materials found in the list above can be customized in a variety of styles. They can either be:

  • painted
  • sprayed
  • varnished
  • Decorated by stickers mimicking other materials