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Carnival Costumes | Malta

About Carnival Costumes | Malta

Carnival is coming up in February so get your costume ready! Check out our supplies for the best in adult and children's costumes

At the end of January of every year, in Malta we start to get bombarded with ads and messages reminding us that Carnival is just around the corner! A fun time for kids of all ages to get dressed up and enjoy the myriad of parties and celebrations that will be going on during the month of February – Carnival is enjoyed by all!

Carnival itself has a long and storied history, and today’s festivities aim to recreate the past with modern additions of course. Most of the festivities take place in Valletta and Floriana, with various towns and villages across Malta having their own take on things. For a more macabre and funny interpretation, you can visit Nadur, Gozo! And of course, after the day’s celebrations end, the party at Paceville begins, with many people still in costume. To learn more about the history of carnival, read here.

One of the best parts of Carnival though, especially for children, is the costumes! Carnival customs can be bought at a wide variety of toy stores, as well as special costume stores for adults. Let’s not forget, we also have the option of making our own (and our kids) costumes – especially if you’re looking to go as something slightly out of the box, that is not likely to be carried in a store as a costume. Specialized costume suppliers will also be able to rent you a costume, if you’re not interested in purchasing one to own.

Options for costumes are limited only by your budget and imagination, but there are always things to take into consideration:

1) The Weather: Since Carnival takes place in the second half of February, when you plan your costume, plan for the weather! Remember that it’s cold outside, so if you’re spending most of your time outside celebrating, wear a warm costume. There’s no point getting dressed if it’s going to be hidden by a coat, or you’re going to freeze anyway. If most of your partying is done indoors (like in a bar or club), then this isn’t much of a concern, since it’s going to be plenty warm inside anyway

2) The Cost: If you’re renting an elaborate costume to reduce the cost of buying one, think about where you’re going to be using it first. Avoid crowded bars and clubs, because whilst dry cleaning may get out food stains, a cigarette burn is going to cost you a lot more money. Same thing with kids; children are messy, and grow fast, as well as change their mind often, so don’t invest too much into a costume for them.

3) Buy it, or make it? Maybe you haven’t been too impressed by the selection of affordable costumes for children or adults, or you have a pop culture reference you want to make that isn’t out in costume yet. In this case, you could always make your own costume! If you’re handy with a sewing machine, or you have a favorite TV/movie character that is easy to recreate, this could be a very good option. Most young children will find what they’re looking for in the wide variety of options for kids, especially since most of their requests fall into a handful of old standbys (cat, princess, superman, spiderman, etc) and newer cartoon characters, which are catered for by costume makers.

If your child has an unusual request, it may be worth making it for them, but don’t invest too much time/money into making something that will only be used once, especially if your child has outgrown the dress up age.

Another tip regarding the weather is, if you have a costume ready but find it too cold to wear on it’s own, try layering up underneath it. Thermal tights and undershirts will provide another layer of warmth, without obscuring your costume, and is a great option for kids.

If you’re looking for costume ideas, especially to make yourself or with your child together, a useful place to look is at Halloween costume ideas. Americans and Canadians go all out on this holiday, and around October the internet floods with pictures of insanely creative and clever costumes, which can be used for Carnival as well. A good place to start is here:

Last Minute Costume Ideas

30 Halloween costumes you can make

No Sew Costumes!

Making your own (or your kids) costume doesn’t have to be a long drawn out affair, and in fact there are many no-sew options that you can throw together at the last minute but will still allow you creative freedom!

For information on where to buy carnival costumes in Malta, look below:


Where to buy Carnival Costumes in Malta

If you’re looking to buy carnival costumes in Malta, please feel free to consult All Malta Online’s list of trusted providers who will be able to supply you with a variety of different costumes, for adults and for kids. Search through All Malta Online and you will also find costume rental providers, as well as haberdasheries to get your sewing supplies for making your own costumes. View All Malta Online here

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