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Anti Corrosion and Concrete Protection for the Construction Industry

Structural steel rebar rust protection Malta

xist for treating rust problems in the most cost-effective, technologically advanced, efficient and reliable manner. From the construction industry to residential projects, there are solutions which provide on-site services including concrete protection, on-site blasting, and anti-corrosion solutions. Rust and corrosion in construction Rust and corrosion are the most common threats to any construction but with… Read More »

Lift Man Aerial / Elevated Work Platform

Lift Man for hire – Malta The elevated work platform which is sometimes called a cherry picker, bucket lift or hi up as well as other terms used in Malta is a great way to get things done, maximizing safety and improving work performance you will get more done in a shorter amount of time…. Read More »

Acrylic seamless surfaces – Malta

Residential and Commercial Acrylic Surfaces Hanex seamless solid surfaces are used in a wide variety of applications. With over a 100 colours and the ability to be cut and shaped to fit any space you can imagine. Hanex acrylic seamless surfaces can be cut, shaped, moulded and thermoformed into 3D shapes to bring your interior… Read More »

Quartz Surfaces – Counter tops and More

Kitchen, Bathroom, Commercial Counter Tops & Surfaces Hanstone Quartz surfaces are extremely durable, luxurious, low maintenance and non-porous as well as being chip and scratch resistant. Over 40 patterns are available backed by a 10 year commercial/residential limited warranty. Hanstone quartz is designed for high traffic areas ranging from banks to busy bars and of… Read More »

Paini Taps & Mixers by Seamless

Stunning faucets, taps and mixers About Paini Taps & Mixers The story of Paini starts in 1954, since then more than 5 decades have gone by. Paini has become one of the leading companies in its range. The facility covers 76,000 square meters and Paini directly employs close to 400 employees which are highly specialized…. Read More »



Casa Completa Bathrooms are a key part of your home so why ignore it? Bathrooms should offer you a place of peace and privacy and thanks to the need of tiles, can present you with a unique design opportunity for your home to make it stick out. Likewise, why not upgrade your bath and shower… Read More »



Casa Completa Waterproofing is the method of making sure no water leakage penetrates your property and can be done on roofs, floors and basements. Waterproofing isnt just important to avoid leakages into your property, if water does start to get through it can short circuit and damage the wiring of your property, it can destroy… Read More »

Turnkey Projects


Casa Completa Turnkey projects are any works done on a property to improve it. This means a lot of different services can be described as turnkey solutions, from plumbing and electric all the way to sanding and roofing, and everything in between! Turnkey projects are generally undertaken by people who want to protect their property,… Read More »

Aluminium Work

Aluminum Work Vassallo Logo

Amabile Galea & Sons Aluminium is a popular material for construction, with 25% of all aluminium going to the construction industry internationally. Thanks to its lightweight nature, aluminium has been used for not just products such as doors, door frames, railings, window frames and roof sheets. The reason it is used in so many things… Read More »


Iron Works Vassallo Logo

Amabile Galea & Sons Iron is a popular building material in Malta thanks to its strong durability and the appealing designs that can be created from it. Iron can be used in a variety of different products such as balconies, guard railings, stairs and frames. Iron is one of the most well known building materials… Read More »