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Wedding Hair – Malta

Special events hair styling and up-styles for Weddings & More What does your wedding hair say? Your dress, your shoes, your make up, your hair; your special day. Photos that will last a lifetime and a memory that will never fade. You’ve probably invited loads of family and colleagues, a few childhood friends are part… Read More »

Prenatal and infant massage

pregnant baby massage stephanie borg

By Stephanie There is a mountain of evidence supporting massages as a holistic treatment that can be used alongside traditional medicine to improve results, and there are many different massages that deal with specific aliments, these include massages specifically to help with pregnant women and newborn babies. A pregnant woman’s body goes through a lot… Read More »

The Science Behind Bad Posture

What is your posture?

Stephanie Borg (SRN) Our posture is something often overlooked as trivial in today’s world when we have have no idea just how important it is. With our newfound reliance on phones, computers and desks our posture is more important than ever. Posture is the position of our body and more importantly our spine, when we… Read More »

Head & Shoulders | Malta

About Head & Shoulders | Malta Head and Shoulders has been in market for over 50 years and is the leading hair care brand. The Head and Shoulders formula through research and knowledge in scalp care determined the causes of dandruff. The secret in Head and Shoulders is the active ingredient in shampoos, Zinc Pyrithione… Read More »

Pantene | Malta

About Pantene | Malta Pantene produce a range of products that makes your hair shine, hydrated, hair is strengthened. Through research and study of different hair structures, Pantene developed products that transform your hair into healthier hair. Their shampoos and conditioners contain Pro-Vitamins to prevent and repair hair damage. Pantene Hair care products Classic Clean… Read More »

Coconuts | Malta


About Coconuts | Malta The word “coconut” is taken from the 16th century Portuguese term “coco”, which roughly translates into skull. The term coconut came to be because the solid husk, along with the 3 marks on it are reminiscent of a human skull and face. Contrary to popular belief, a coconut is not really… Read More »

Hawaiian Tropic | Malta

Hawaiian Tropic

About Hawaiian Tropic | Malta Hawaiian Tropic produce a range of products which are skin-friendly and also protect and moisturize your skin. They prevent the sun from causing harm and some are also water-proof to prevent loss from sweating or swimming. They work by blocking out harmful UV-rays which accumulate when one sun-bathes, or simply… Read More »

Haircuts | Malta

Haircuts Malta

About Hair Cuts | Malta Haircuts have been a way of taming unruly hair since the dawn of time. Some people can do it on their own, others prefer visiting qualified stylists and some aren’t all too bothered about the appearance of their hair at all. Irrespective of your mindset though, at some point in… Read More »

Perms | Malta

Perms Malta

About The Perm | Malta The first permanent wave or “perm”, was designed by a German-born hairdresser on October 08, 1906. His name was Charles (or Karl) Nessler and he developed a rather ingenious method using hot curlers, combined with a combination of water and cow urine(according to some accounts). It was especially effective, and… Read More »