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Renting an Economy Vehicle in Malta

compact car rental Malta

About Renting an Economy Vehicle in Malta On holiday and on a budget? Renting a car is not a luxury money-wise. In terms of convenience though, it definitely is. An economy vehicle will not exceed your allocated holiday funds. Freedom to wander around the island at a reasonable cost and without having to rely on public… Read More »

Renting a Sporty Car in Malta

About Renting a Sporty Car in Malta Travelling solo or as a couple? Get to your destination in style and class by renting a sports car for your Malta stay. Soak in the sunshine, the sweet wind and the sights as you cruise in quaint roads around the islands. Nothing beats the taste of salty air as… Read More »

Renting a Station Wagon in Malta

Station Wagon Rental Malta

About Renting a Station Wagon in Malta If you’re travelling as a family, then a station wagon is perfect for you. It provides ample space for children as well as additional storage for luggage or a stroller. In fact, families with young children usually opt for this style of car. If you’re after even more space,… Read More »

Renting an SUV in Malta

About Renting an SUV in Malta Renting an SUV gives you comfort, power, space, as well as luxury. An SUV is perfect when packing light is not in your vocabulary or if you’re travelling with the kids and all the luggage space need this brings about. If you have fewer passengers travelling with you, then… Read More »

Renting a 7 seater in Malta

About Renting a 7 or 8 seater van in Malta Trips around the islands can be much more fun when travelling all together. A seven seater offers ample space for all passengers and are great if you’re travelling in a group or as a large family. Prepare some games for the road and you’re in… Read More »

Renting an Automatic Car in Malta

About Renting an automatic car in Malta Driving an automatic transmission car is convenient. As making your way in a new place is not always so straightforward, renting an automatic car gives you one less thing to worry about. In contrast to the manual option, an automatic car requires less thought: you can thus focus… Read More »

Renting a Manual Car in Malta

Manual Stick Shift Car Rental Malta

About Renting a manual car in Malta Whilst driving an automatic transmission car might be more convenient, manual transmission cars are a more favoured option in Malta, and Europe as a whole. When looking for car rental for your Malta holiday, you will easily realise that there is far more choice for manual transmission vehicles. Added… Read More »

GPS or Google Maps when renting a car in Malta

Google Maps or GPS Malta Rental

About GPS or Google Maps when renting a car in Malta Malta is a relatively small island, and Gozo is even smaller. At 27km long and 14.5km wide, getting lost on Malta’s roads shouldn’t get too complicated. There are sufficient road signs to get you to popular areas of the island but rural areas do… Read More »

Renting a Van in Malta

About Renting a Van in Malta Excited to discover the islands with your family or group of friends? Not very eager to waste precious holiday time waiting for public transport and arguing over the last available seat? Then why not opt for a van and go on adventure en masse!  It comes as no surprise,… Read More »

Auto Body-Parts | Malta

About Auto-Body Parts | Malta Most car’s bodies are not simply made up of just one piece of metal. They’re instead, composed of a number of different body parts which make up the outer shell of the car. This body can be designed to look stunning and aerodynamic, or even shaped into a smaller profile… Read More »