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By clicking on this image, you may find information about Piscopo Gardens’ history, where it started out as a hobby in 1989, and in 1994 years grew into a business, dealing in plants and offer excellent customer satisfaction. they also have a regularly updated blog which is full of useful advice on both pets and plants alike.

About Piscopo Gardens

Piscopo Gardens, started out as a one-man team in 1989, turned into a 27-person force by 1994. They deal mainly in plants, but one can also find that they also cater for your pet, barbecue and indoor living supplies. It’s a one-stop-shop for a houses’ outdoor and indoor accessories. They care about their customers, and their vast years of experience shows when dealing with them. The plants they provide can either be artificial, indoor, or outdoor plants. The greenery in their gardens however, is akin to being in another world, where Begonias and Ficus blossom and grow, and various other plants may be found in neat little rows.

About Piscopo Gardens Plant Care

Piscopo Gardens also takes care of the plants they sell, and one may find expert plant-care advice when consulting with the members of staff. Their copious years of experience has provided them with a better understanding and knowledge as to how to deal with certain health issues plants may suffer from, during the years.

About Piscopo gardens Pet Care

Piscopo Gardens also provides a wide range of pet-care products and advice. They also cater to all your pets’ needs, by having a wide variety of bedding, accessories, food, and much more. A veterinarian clinic may be found on the premises, should the need arise.

Video of Piscopo Gardens

In the video above, you can see that Piscopo Gardens does indeed have a vast range of pet and plant products, ranging from food and cages for transportation, to different plants and plant care products.

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T: (+356) 2158 3755
A: Triq Tony Camilleri,Burmurrad