Dog and Cat Boarding Services in Malta

Pet Sitting Malta offer a variety of cat and dog-related services, including dog walking, dog day care, big and small dog boarding, and dog home visits. For cats, Pet Sitting Malta provide cat boarding and cat home visits. Other services offered by Pet Sitting Malta include pet relocation, an online pet register search, pets at weddings, and veterinary trips and assistance.

Pet Sitting Malta

Pet Sitting Malta is headed by a couple and their two pets, Lucky and Lulu who offer a personalised approach in every service they offer. The team assists pet owners, and is a point of reference for all pet-related services.

Services offered by Pet Sitting Malta

Pet Sitting Malta offers a plethora of pet-related services, focusing on the well-being of cats and dogs as well as assistance and being a point of reference to their owners.

Dog services at Pet Sitting Malta

Services offered for your dog include:
– dog walking
– dog day care
– big dog boarding
– small dog boarding
– dog home visits

Services for your cat

Cat Services include:
– cat boarding
– cat home visits

Other pet services offered by Pet Sitting Malta

With the aim of assisting pet owners, Pet Sitting Malta also offers the following services:
– pet relocation
– online pet register search
– pets at weddings
– veterinary trips and assistance

Pet Sitting Malta Logo

Pet Sitting Malta Address

Location: Mobile, serving all Malta.