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By clicking on the image above, one will find a brief account of how Pavi was established in 2005 , by Mr. Paul Gauchi and Mr.Victor Grech. It’s very highly finished, and holds an abundance of different brands and goods, ranging from every-day necessities, to pet-care products and electronics.

It also has it’s own brands , including Pavi Household Department, Pavi Do-it-Yourself, Pavi Pet Shop, Pavi Beverage Area, Pavi Butcher operated by Chef Choice, Pavi Fish Shop, Pavi Health Section, Pavi Fresh Pasta, Pavi Delicatessen, Pavi Fruit & Vegetables and Pavi Bakery.

About Pavi Shopping Complex

Pavi Shopping Complex is huge. It spans approximately 16,000m2 of land and the project was initiated in 2005, and inaugurated in November, 2006 by Mr. Paul Gauci and Mr. Victor Grech. It’s main hall, which is currently the largest in the Maltese Islands, is comprised of 22 rows of shelving with a 2.3m wide aisle for easily accessible, and rather comfortable shopping and a shop-in-shop concept

This Shop in shop concept is made up of ;

– La Vigna : Wine & Gourmet Cellar
– Pavi Household Department
– Pavi Do-it-Yourself
– Pavi Pet Shop
– Pavi Beverage Area
– Pavi Butcher operated by Chef Choice
– Pavi Fish Shop
– Pavi Health Section
– Pavi Fresh Pasta
– Pavi Delicatessen
– Pavi Fruit & Vegetables
– Pavi Bakery.

Pavi Shopping Complex Services

Below are the various in-house , high quality, and eye-catching shops Pavi Shopping Complex has to offer. These shops may encompass most of your daily and special requirements.

Pavi’s La Vigna: Wine and Gourmet Cellar

Pavi Shopping Complex Wine and Gourmet

Here at La Vigna in Pavi Shopping Complex, one may find a multitude of different wines to suite anyone’s palate. Be it a simple Chardonnay, to a more refined Sauvignon Blanc, La Vigna will most definitely cater to your needs, and possess wines for all occasions.

Pavi Household Department

Pavi Shopping Complex Household Departament

Whether you’re looking for kitchen utensils, or perhaps home improvements and even maybe fancy throw-overs for your living room, the Household Department has what you’re looking for. With a huge section of varied household objects and improvements, it really does cater for all your needs.

Pavi Do-It-Yourself

Pavi Do-It-Yourself

Do you prefer to fix objects around the house yourself, rather than have someone do it for you ? Well, Pavi Do-It-Yourself caters for your every D.I.Y. need. From common and basic tools, to heavier and more advanced equipment (like buzz-saws), this D.I.Y. center is fully equipped with high quality tools.

Pavi Pet Shop

Pavi Petshop

This particular pet shop ensures that your pets are in for a treat. From bones to biscuits, treats to training mats, and fishbowls to bedding, your pets’ every desire is taken care of. This well stocked pet shop also is segmented to help you find what you’re looking for, quickly and has many popular and high-end brands at its’ disposal.

Pavi Beverage Area

Pavi Beverage Area

At the Beverage area, Pavi have made sure that plenty of beverages have been put into their well-stocked shelves. Anything from local brews, to more exotic foreign blends, have been added into their vast collection of sodas,beers and tonic waters(among many other items) to make a complete and all-encompassing beverage section.

Pavi Butcher Operated By Chef Choice

Pavi Butcher Chef Choice

T-bone ? Sirloin ? Pork-Chops ? Fresh Chicken Breast ? Pavi butcher , Operated by Chef Choice, has it all. Whatever your meaty desires, you will find, that all it requires, is a quick visit to the Pavi butcher and you will be spoiled for choice, at reasonable prices.

Pavi Fish Shop

Pavi Fish Shop

For a taste of both local and foreign caught fish, shrimps, prawns, and many other items, head down to the Fish Shop in Pavi, where you can choose from an ocean of possibilities. With reasonable prices for quality fare, this Fish Shop is well stocked and prepared to help you reach the right decision, for a delicious meal.

Pavi Health Section

Pavi Health Section

For quality service, good prices and fine health supplies, Pavi Health Section, in Pavi Shopping Complex, is stocked with good quality products, whatever the item chosen. From band-aids, to a special cologne, you’re definite to find the right item for your own personal hygiene, and perhaps for that special occasion.

Pavi Fresh Pasta

Pavi Fresh Pasta

Pasta made fresh, daily, at affordable prices. Pavi has a wide selection of plenty of kinds of pasta, some of which have different flavors, and which can be used for various kinds of dishes, due to the exceptional quality and attention to detail provided.

PAVI Delicatessen

Pavi Delicatessen

This counter deals with meat and cheeses, as well as other special savory items, like shrimps in oil, or perhaps, black olives. At affordable prices, the selection is varied and also, Pavi Delicatessen houses some rare types of fine cheeses and hams, which are also available for a fair price.

Pavi Fruit & Vegetables

Pavi Fruit and Vegetables

Delivered daily to ensure freshness, Pavi Fruit and Vegetables has an enormous selection of fresh fruit and veg, ranging from seasonal strawberries, to always-stocked tomatoes, carrots and potatoes, among many other examples. Fresh herbs and spices are also available.

Pavi Bakery

Pavi Bakery

The smell of freshly baked bread, will surely guide you by the nose, to this section in Pavi Shopping Complex. Bread and pastries are available for purchase, as well as specialized dishes and whole roasted chickens baked daily, the bread is always fresh and will delight your senses and accompany your meals to the highest level of quality, expected from Pavi.

Video of Pavi Shopping Complex

In this video above, one can see the enormity of the shopping complex, as well as the delicatessen, fresh pastries, and well-stocked shelves.

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T: (+356) 2270 0000
A: PAVI Supermarkets Ltd., Triq Manuel Dimech, Qormi QRM 9061 – MALTA