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About Patrick Woodwork in Luqa, Malta

What is so very special about custom-made furniture from Patrick Woodwork? Perhaps it is the dedication that goes into creating something unique which you will own with pride. It is the pride of its makers who know that it will have a special place in your home.

Here at Patrick Woodworks, we work as a small team but with big ideas. Over the past 17 years since we’ve been in business, we have aimed to create classic, rustic, contemporary or modern pieces, with full commitment to quality and an eye on functionality.

At Patrick Woodworks, we make it a point to listen to our clients, to their ideas and to their requirements. To make it a point to deliver on time and to provide a large choice of materials, so that our clients feel free to think up the most original items, whether they be for the domestic home setting, the commercial outlet or the industrial establishment. We also provide full furnishing for letting property.

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C: Patrick Grech
T: 21489894
M: 99883805
A: Patrick Woodwork, No309, Luqa Industrial Estate, Luqa
W: www.patrickwoodwork.com
E: patrickwoodwork@gmail.com
H: Mon-Fri 7.00-18.00 / Sat 7.00-13.00

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