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OLTA aluminium is a leader in the aluminium industry guaranteeing expertly finished aluminium works. Having been in the aluminium industry for over 30 years. Having been entrusted with various important projects such as St Vincent de Paule, MCAST, Charles DeGiorgio Ltd Buildings and many more.

Services and solutions by OLTA Aluminium

Laminated and Tempered Glass


Laminated glass | by OLTA Aluminium Malta

Safety laminated glass is one of the types of safety glass that OLTA Aluminium can provide, safety laminated glass is used in a variety of locations were safety is a priority. From hotels, showrooms to practically anywhere where safety is of concern inculding households, offices and many other locations. Unlike normal glass laminated glass remains intact when broken, splintering into pieces that are held together by a special compound(type of acetate). The most likely place you have come across laminated glass is in practically all modern windscreens.

Tempered glass | by OLTA Aluminium Malta

Unlike laminated glass, tempered glass is a strong glass that shatters into small tiny pieces when struck, the glass pieces are small enough to ensure that no one can get badly hurt; tempered glass is used in many locations and is even used in drinking glasses especially in night clubs.

Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass and is especially used in a variety of architectural applications as well as being used in cases where bullet proof glass is needed.

PVC Apertures and works

Looking for a cost effective solution, long lasting and eco-friendly? You may want to consider PVC works for your next project or alteration.
PVC also offers high thermal insulation providing energy savings which is very important in today’s cost conscious world. OLTA Aluminium Ltd PVC is made in the EU, imported directly from Italy readily produced to their client’s needs. PVC apertures are also appealing and extremely durable. In areas close to the sea there are other benefits such as the fact that PVC is non-corrosive.

Aluminium Works | Malta

OLTA Aluminium is best known for their beautiful aluminium works, having worked on a variety of projects over the years from large complex projects to small residential projects all with careful dedication which resulted in a pristine reputation for delivering high quality and cost effective solutions.

Alcubon and Curtain Walls

Beyond normal aluminium works OLTA Aluminium also specialize in a variety of specialized solutions including Alcubon an appealing finish to exteriors as well as being very cost effective. If you are in the process of constructing an office block or other commercial building it would be wise to get in touch with OLTA aluminium for a consultation.

Double Glazing and Thermal Solutions by OLTA Aluminium

OLTA Aluminium also specializes in a variety of double glazing and thermal solution applications. With many years of experience, the use of quality materials and a dedication to quality you can rest assured that your needs are well served by OLTA Aluminium.

Other services by OLTA Aluminium

OLTA Aluminium also provides Sensor Doors, Glass Balconies and a variety of other works Visit their website below for more information or simply get in touch using the contact button.

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