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About Noel Auto Dealer

Noel Auto Dealer started selling used cars in 1995. These cars were bought locally and the business is family owned. The dealership is located at Mdina Road in Zebbug, which is very close to the roundabout before entering Siggiewi.

Their core business is in selling excellent-quality Japanese cars, and these cars are very thoroughly inspected before being shipped to Malta. The dealership also stocks a good quantity of local cars which have been traded-in and these cars are also inspected. All their imported vehicles are supplied by their trusted Japanese partner companies.

In 2002 the company became member of the Used Vehicles Importers Association (UVIA), which means that they adhere to a strict set of regulations when importing their cars, ensuring that their clients only receive the best used vehicles available.

Importers of UK & Japanese Cars

noel auto
Noel Auto Dealer also imports cars from both the United Kingdom and Japan. These cars are inspected and the dealership ensures that the cars are safe to drive and have all the proper documentation and papers required.

Part Exchange Accepted

Noel Auto Dealer also accepts part-exchange of cars. Depending on the quality of the car being handed in, the dealership can arrange a compromise with their clients to find a middle ground and a fair trade.

Hire Purchase Accepted

The dealership also lets it’s clients pay monthly installments on a vehicle they’ve just sold to them. These easy to pay installments help clients out by lessening financial burdens.

All cars sold by Noel Auto Dealer are issued a 12 month guarantee, showing that they trust the quality of the cars they’re selling.

Noel Auto Dealer Online

Noel Auto Dealer can be found both on his Facebook page, as well as his own website. Both sites are linked below.

Noel Auto Dealer’s Website

Noel Auto Dealer Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the dealerships website, where you will learn more about the company and the cars they provide for their clients. The website can also be used to view some of the cars available, their prices and their details.

Noel Auto Dealer on Facebook Latest Updates

The dealership joined Facebook on 10th April 2012 and has a following of over 3,285 people. The page is full of information about the cars they’re about to import, as well as cars already inside their showroom.

Near Noel Auto Dealer

The dealership can be found right opposite to GILDA and Kids as well as in the same road as 360 Foods Ltd.

Contact Noel Auto Dealer

T: 21461067
M: 99498336
A: Mdina Road Zebbug
C: Noel Gauci
H: 7.00 – 19.00 (Sat 7.00 – 13.00)

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