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(Module 1 Standard included in all pages, 1 main image 620 pixel width that indicates what the business provides or the brand identity (logo). + Contact button for immediate interaction with client.)


Online Publications specialised in content Marketing | Malta

IPOP Network specialises in creating useful and helpful content that enables visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. At the IPOP Network we ensure that all our content search engine optimised to deliver the best possible experience to the end user. When a web user types a query into a search engine such as google they are looking for information we aim to provide information that people look for in a meaningful and easy to digest way. We also strongly believe in keeping the number of clicks required to get the information a user desires to a minimum. This is why content in our platforms is generally structured in single page format allowing especially mobile user to simply scroll as opposed to waiting for numerous pages to load.

We also believe strongly that search engines have changed the way people browse websites and for this reason ensure that we incorporate Google driven search engines on all our platforms making it easier for our visitors to find exactly what they are looking using the most advanced search technology in the world. Google Custom Search engine for websites

We believe that whilst most web users are looking for information at lightning speed in this fast paced world, images although they inevitably increase page load times are a necessary part of a publication and as the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This is why our pages come standard with a 5 page image gallery that allows website users to only load images if they specifically wish to. (In certain cases we do agree with clients that slideshows are an integral part of explaining what they do, in such cases we use active slideshows instead of galleries whilst advising that this will delay load times for their visitors.)

(The module 2 in All Malta Online contains 5 Images & relevant text (up to 1,000 words) presented in gallery format. This module is generally always included at least once per page, however one can opt for extra modules or to remove this module completely. We limit the number of words based on research and best practices, if a client wishes to include more than 1,000 words we are generally accommodating as long as this is of benefit to the end user.)


Latest Social Media Updates

Each social media module is allowed one integration of each of the following platforms:
facebook youtube twitter
We are generally accommodating of other social media platforms such as linked in, vimeo, foursquare as long as it is only a single presence on each platform this may be included in one module we have simply focused on the three most popular social media platforms in Malta. – Social media integration is acceptable in the form of image links, feed embed modules, video streaming modules, channel embed modules. Our sales consultants can show you examples from a number of clients and different styles of integration you may choose from.

If for example you have to Facebook pages, you will need an extra social media module.

An example of our most popular social media integration:


Contact IPOP Network – Online Publications Malta

A: 123, Valley rd, Msida, MSD 9027
T: (MT Landline)3550 5509
M: (MT Mobile) 99669946 – 9922 1283
T: (US) – (001)727 235 6321
H: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00 (Our hours often extend beyond normal office hours, if you leave us a voicemail we will get back to you as soon as possible or the following working day.)

IPOP Network Malta Office on the Map

[googlemaps width=600 height=400]

The contact module in All Malta online contains a google interactive map and as many contact details as required, have five departments and wish to include all their details feel free to do so. Map Locations are limited to one location per module, if you need extra locations you will need an extra contact module.

Links Module

Many clients find it beneficial to link their clients directly to relevant parts of their website. Or to organise their content via what we refer to as designed image links. Each links module contains a maximum of 5 designed image links and is an add on to the standard page.

Baby Transport - Pushchairs, Strollers ,,,
Baby Transport – Pushchairs, Strollers …


Bedtime - Baby Nursery Furniture, Bedding, Travel Cots, Nightlights and more!
Bedtime – Baby Nursery Furniture, Bedding, Travel Cots, Nightlights and more!



Baby Activity - Activity Tables, Ride Ons, Playgyms and Mats and more
Baby Activity – Activity Tables, Ride Ons, Playgyms and Mats and more



Menu / Data Sheet Module / Product Specification Module

This module allows the integration of pdf content hosted on our site up to 8MB files. This add on module is most common with restaurants wishing to include their menu within our site. Each module allows for one large image designed link as per below and 4 further pdf linked via text link as seen below image.

[one_half]Sardinian Farmers Xmas Menu Click here[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Fisherman’s Xmas Menu Click here[/one_half_last]


Important notes

From time to time we introduce non-standardised modules based on client requests generally these are charged at standard module rates, most modules incur a one time inclusion charge as opposed to an annual charge. However any changes requested to add on modules at time of renewal will incur an inclusion charge, if no changes are made the standard annual renewal rate applies.

At All Malta Online we appreciate your business and when you renew with us we charge only the standard annual renewal based on your previous years price, this means that if you request no changes your annual renewal fee will remain the same regardless of the content within your page, as an example your page may contain 3 extra add on modules if in 2015 you renew and require no changes to the add on modules you will not be charged for them again.

Professional design, social media setup and social media advertising services
At All Malta Online we specialise on delivering the best online publications around, content is normally provided by the client and included in our platform using best practices.

From time to time clients will require a hand in generating content/text/images for their page. At All Malta Online we are a reasonable bunch and if you tell us to sort you out “nhalli f’idejk” we do so at no extra cost. It is important however to understand that this is something we do as a favour to our clients and no revisions, amendments are accepted when we provide such services at no extra cost.

Should you require the services of a designer or copywriter beyond “nhalli f’idejk”, we are more than happy to quote based on your requirements, this can mean anything from designing your logo to writing up an awesome company profile or designing your menu. Our rates are extremely reasonable in relation to the quality of work produced. We can also recommend professional advertising agencies, freelance graphic designers, freelance copywriters and basically any professional you may require. (If we cannot help you, we can find someone who will.)

Social Media Advertising – Search Engine Advertising
Some of our clients like to give their online presences an extra push, we are able to assist with both social media (eg. Facebook Ads) and search engine advertising (Eg. Google Advertising). However these services are on a case by case basis and billed by the hour, ask your sales consultant and they will pass you onto the relevant staff member that can help you with your needs.

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