About Mexx | Clothing for Women, Men and Children

Mexx About

The Mexx brand, was founded in 1968. The owner, Rattan Chadha, had taken both his previous brands(Moustache and Emanuelle) and joined them together. The name “Mexx” is a combination of the names Moustache, Emanuelle and the two kisses (X and X) which he sealed the match of his companies together with.

Mexx Fashion Products

Mexx provide unique clothing for those who love fashion. Their clothes are made from the finest materials, with clean lines designed to accentuate your body’s curves and features.

Mexx Fashion for Women

This line provides women with clothes, which possesses clean lines and a unique modern take on what would otherwise be every-day clothing. Emphasizing this are the bold colors and shades used in the making of these clothing articles, coupled with very daring designs. There are also clothes which are more neutral in both colors and designs, making use of grey, white and black, while using familiar clothing shapes such as skirts, suits and figure-tight tops and dresses.

Mexx Fashion for Men

These refined clothes provide men with ample choices in what to wear for practically any occasion. Clean cut material with strong accent lines gives this particular section a very masculine feel, while keeping a modern perspective throughout most of the entire collection. Helping the clothes achieve this are the very subdued yet prominent colors used in the materials and the materials themselves are of the highest quality. Ranging from t-shirts and suits to knitted sweaters, this range is complete and designed to fit everyone’s style.

Mexx Fashion For Boys

Strong, durable, bright and hints of style make these clothes ideal for growing boys. The range Mexx offers is quite impressive and features items such as jackets, shoes, jeans, t-shirts and plenty of other clothes.

Mexx Fashion for Girls

Mexx provides young girls with beautifully made dresses and skirts, as well as a vast range of knit-wear, tops and accessories. Some of the clothes also feature prints which are suitable for girls and are tastefully done, while others have unique designs which help keep the company’s line fresh and fashionable.

Mexx Outlets | Malta

Mexx retail outlets can be found in three separate locations throughout the Maltese Islands. Their locations are listed below.

  • Mexx, No.7,
  • Constitution Street, Mosta
    T: (+356)2202 1121

  • Baystreet Complex, Level 1
  • St.Georges Street, St. Julian’s
    T: (+356)2202 2152

  • Tigné Point,
  • Tigné Square, Sliema
    T: (+356)2202 1101

Mexx Online

Mexx can be found online on both Facebook and Youtube, as well as their own website. These can be found in the sections below.

Mexx’s Website

Mexx Website

By clicking on the website, you will find out about Mexx’s range of clothes and who they are as a company. You will also find more information about their clothing-line for children as well as those for men and women alike.

Mexx on Facebook Latest Updates

Mexx on Youtube

Near Mexx | St. Julians

Close to the shopping complex where Mexx is located, are both the Intercontinental Hotel and Gorgianis Hotel

Contact Mexx | St. Julian’s

T: (+356)2202 2152
E: managermexxbaystreet@vfgmalta.com.mt
A: Baystreet Complex, Level 1, St. Georges Street, St. Julian’s, STJ 3311