Massage and Spa for Men in Malta

Men Massage and Spa is a boutique private spa offering a menu specifically catering for men. Services offered include Jacuzzi and Massage, Indian Tantra Massage, Relaxing Full Body Massage, Aromatherapy Deep Muscle Massage, and Full Body Shaving. The spa also offers special discounts for couples.

Men Massage Spa in Malta

The concept behind Men Massage and Spa centers around the cosmopolitan man. It offers rooms to stay and relax, ensuring that every detail builds on to a unique spa experience. The spa is headed by Adrian Gusman, a Professional Massage Therapist working in this profession for the past 15 years.

Men Massage and Spa offers a menu full of diverse massage experiences, for couples and individuals, as well as full body shaving.

Massage options at Men Massage and Spa

The Massage menu includes:
Jacuzzi Hands on Massage
Indian Tantra Massage
Normal Relaxing Basic Full Body Massage
Aromatherapy Deep Muscle Relaxing Massage
4 Hands Massage
Aromatherapy Tantra Bath Therapy Massage
Jacuzzi Aqua Jets Session
Relaxing Basic Facial Treatment Massage

Shaving Service at Men Massage and Spa

Not too fond of trimming or shaving? Men Massage and Spa offers a safe and hygenic full body shaving service for back, legs, arms, as well as genital areas.

Men Massage and Spa Logo

Men Massage and Spa Address

75, Farsons, Hamrun, Malta

Near Men Massage and Spa

Men Massage and Spa is situated next to Maypole, Hamrun.