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Ten Reasons to Rent a Car in Malta

Not sure whether to drive your way around the island or depend on other means? With the aim of making this decision easier for you, here are ten reasons why you should opt to rent a car.
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1. Avoid the crowds and enjoy the scenery. Access to breath-taking lesser-known sites is easy when you’re driving.
2. Explore at your own pace: no schedules, no time-limits, and no time lost in waiting.
3. Who wants to wait for public transport in the scorching heat? Summers in Malta can be quite a task if not accustomed to high temperatures. Nothing beats driving around the island at your own pace, comfortable in air-conditioning.
4. Public transport is generally good but Malta’s Mediterranean – locals have a more relaxed approach to schedules and timing.
5. Renting a car is affordable. When compared to other cities, renting a car in Malta gives much more value for money.
6. Not only are distances short, but fuelling up does not break the bank.
7. Malta – and Gozo – are hilly. Walking can turn out to be quite the challenge.
8. Driving on the left is not as difficult as it sounds.
9. There is plenty of signage on the street but if you do get stuck, you can always ask a local. Maltese are known for their friendliness and would be more than happy to assist you.
10. Driving in Malta is an experience in itself: your Maltese holiday is complete when experienced just like a local.

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