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Quirky Watches: 5 Perfect Gifts For Him

Watches That Make Great Gifts For Him

Watches are always a great gift idea for men, the variety of styles and price ranges make it easy to find a model perfect for him. However, other people are probably thinking this and most guys already own a watch. How can you stand out? Well one way is to find very unique watches to buy that you know no one else will have even thought of! We have put together a list of five of our favourite quirky watches to help you stand out this season.

Tesla Watch

This watch is perfect for the man who loves steampunk or how things work together. It stands out thanks to it unique dial features that bring back the age of inventors such as Thomas Edison and Nikola Testa (Who the watch the named after), such as the over sized gear to set the watch. Combined with a brown leather strap, this is sure to turn heads.

Doctor Who Pocket Watch

Doctor Who is all the rage right now, with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the role to perfection. This watch carries all of the elegance of a traditional pocket watch with a die cast metal construction, as well as a night light feature to make it usable at all hoursof the day, combined with its replica details from the Doctor Who show! Perfect for fans of the TV series or for those who need a ‘special occasions’ watch.

Speedometer Wristwatch

For those who live their lives at breakneck speeds we have chosen this ultra-modern speedometer-inspired wrist watch! Showing only a half dial, the watch uses to easily distinguishable hands to tell the time. Perfect as a standout piece or an ice breaker, this watch comes in all black or brown and gold to go with any outfit.

Vintage Style Watch

For a less outlandish option, consider this excellently crafted and vintage inspired watch. This Swiss-made piece is water resistant to up to 100m and features supple Italian brown leather. The almost silver-looking steel case is eye catching in its quality, and its dial stands out in a sea of boring same looking watch faces.

Wooden Oak Barrel Watch

For a real interesting spin on a gift, try this watch that is made entirely out of reclaimed oak barrel wood and steel. Perfect for the outdoorsman or the man who loves nature. The wood is sure to only look better with age and will easily become his standout piece.

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