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Five Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

What To Get Him For Christmas

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Christmas is a great time to treat your loved ones, friends and family. However, year after year it can be hard to come up with unique gift ideas, especially when you know the person is receiving a bunch more from others. We hope this list makes your Christmas shopping easier and gives you a few ideas to find the perfect gift for him! For example, if he has a birthday in December, why not get him some Summer clothes? They will be cheaper and will stand out from all the winter clothes he is sure to receive for Christmas.


Many men consider cologne the last part of their outfit. The great thing with this gift idea is that there are hundreds of colognes with different scents, there is literally one out there that is perfect for everyone! Make sure to go for a cologne that matches the man – is he bright and vibrant, or smokey and low-key?


Men’s timekeeping pieces have a long and storied history both in fashion and utility. There is no need to shell out for a Rolex; there are many brands creating high quality, stylish watches that will last him a life-time and not break the bank. Go for one with a nautical strap to add a bit of Island flavour to your gift. Click here to check out some awesome quirky watches.


What can be a better gift than the gift of knowledge? Expand his horizons, inspire some new ideas for him, or simply get his favorite author’s latest book! You have a huge variety to choose from, you can go for a classic man’s author like Hemingway to a more inspirational Isaacson biography of the late Steve Jobs. Click here to see some terrific book recommendations for him. 

Gym Membership

We asked what could be better than the gift of knowledge, well the gift of health might just be it! Gym memberships tend to be expensive and a bore to set up. Gifting him a gym membership not only takes out the hassle of that, but it also acts as motivation to actually use it, you have just added an accountability factor to go to the gym and get fit.


whiskey-tumbler for him
Our last gift idea on the list has been a men’s staple for over a century now, with the silver screen popularizing the image, a tumbler still makes a terrific gift. Try going for something unique instead of the standard clear glass, this will give him a reason to show it off every time company is around.

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