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Five Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

What To Get Her For Christmas

Christmas is a fun and festive time, and an excellent time to show your friends, family and loved ones you care. The best way to do this is with a well thought out gift, but between having to come up with multiple gift ideas year after year, and the all the gifts going around, even the best of us run out of ideas here and there. With this post, we hope to help you out with some inspiration for a few great gift ideas to stand out from the crowd. Remember with these gifts that there is a lot of variety, you should always go with the gift that matches her character and personality best.


Perfume has been been around for a couple centuries now, starting as a lavish sign of the rich and noble, thankfully perfume is now sold everywhere in hundreds of scents. There is a lot of variety here, however choosing a unique scent that goes perfectly with her character, or choosing an old reliable favourite of hers that she always uses is a sure bet.

Make Up

Of course, this list couldn’t be complete without make up, there is enough variety here to get its own in depth article! Just like with choosing perfume, your best bet is to either choose make up that matches her style and skin tone, or go with an old favourite of hers, bonus points if its hard to find!


Many will be wondering why we didn’t just say jewelry, however there are girls out there that prefer more simplistic accessories. In the category of bracelets alone there is huge variety, from unique metal designs for the girl that likes chic, to intricate wood-made bracelets for those that enjoy nature.

Spa Session

If you ask her if she would like a free spa session, the odds are pretty good that she will say yes. Gifting a spa session is a great idea as it isn’t just a gift, but an experience. This is a particularly good idea if you know she has been under a lot of stress recently, a day at the spa would be the perfect cure.


It is a known fact that women’s sense of smell is more sensitive than men’s. This is why they can often tell the difference between similar perfumes, and why many loves incense. Incenses are a great gift for Christmas as they can be used right away and make a terrific home gift without being that expensive. Make sure to choose a scent that matches her personality!

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