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Five Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Her


What To Get Her For Christmas Christmas is a fun and festive time, and an excellent time to show your friends, family and loved ones you care. The best way to do this is with a well thought out gift, but between having to come up with multiple gift ideas …

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Five Phones Coming To Malta In 2017


New Phones Coming in 2017 In today’s world, technology is leaping forward at an amazing rate. This is especially true in the mobile phone space, where every year brings sleeker designs, more innovative features and more powerful processors. We don’t think 2017 will be any different as some of the …

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5 things to do in Sliema

Things to do in Sliema Shopping in Sliema Sliema is a major commercial area with two leading shopping malls Tigne and Plaza Shopping Complex as well as shops lining the streets of the Strand, Tower Road and Bisazza street with a few of the world’s famous brands. Eating in Sliema …

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Malta’s Upstyles of 2014 – 2015

Upstyles of 2014-2015 Scissors Palace Upstyles by Scissors Palace The image above represents one of the many upstyles of 2015 done by Adriana. An upstyle is a way of dressing your hair elegantly for any occasion. It is a work of art and an expression of personality. Scissors Palace offer …

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European Traditional Crafts

Maltese Traditional Crafts Lace Lace making is one of the local crafts considered one of the most precious of traditions. Lace was originally associated with nobility and a high valued commodity. Dating back to the Knights of st. John, the lace was used as a fashion accessory for nobles, used …

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