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5 Delicious Fish Caught In Malta


Varieties Of Fish That You Can Find In Malta Thanks to its prime location on the Mediterranean, Malta has a thriving variety of fish that inhabit its waters. One can even catch fish from the shore without need to take a boat out. Malta has numerous types of fish that …

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Five Foods You Can Catch Or Pick In Malta


Delicious Local Maltese Products You Can Find Malta is home to a variety of delicious foods that naturally grow in the region. These vary from fruit, vegetables to types of fish. All of these can frequently be found in the cuisine, enjoyed by locals and sold cheaply in supermarkets and …

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Five Delicious Spaghetti Dishes We Want A Bite Of!


Amazing Spaghetti Dishes To Try Out Everyone has their own food preferences but one dish that tends to unite everyone regardless of heritage or age is spaghetti! This traditionally Italian dish has spread world wide and Malta, with its strong Italian influence is no exception. Across the Island you can …

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5 things to see in St. Julians

The Entertainment hub, St. Julians Wine and Dine in St. Julians St. Julians offer quite a good number of restaurants to choose from, serving Asian Cuisine to Mediterranean Cuisine. The wide selection of restaurants and wine bars make St. Julians, a suitable choice for celebrating any occasion. Dance the night …

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5 things to do in Sliema

Things to do in Sliema Shopping in Sliema Sliema is a major commercial area with two leading shopping malls Tigne and Plaza Shopping Complex as well as shops lining the streets of the Strand, Tower Road and Bisazza street with a few of the world’s famous brands. Eating in Sliema …

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5 Southern European foods you must eat

Dine in Malta and experience Southern Europe Mahi Mahi, Dolphin fish or as the locals call it Lampuki Locally caught fresh lampuki are some of the most sought after fish worldwide and one of the most expensive especially in the US; in Malta they are a staple food during their …

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Southern European Drinks

Liqueurs, Wines and more Wines Wine production was introduced by the Phoenicians. The wine taste and methods have been the same since, it was only recently that a variety in Maltese wine were produced. Two Maltese wines one should try is the red wine from ń†ellewza grapes and for white …

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