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The company is one of the most well known furniture suppliers in the Maltese islands. They give their clients a huge selection from which to choose, and their products are well-made and come in a variety of styles. The company also ensures an excellent after-sales service to make sure that their clients are taken care of even after the sale has been made.

Products by Krea

Krea gives it’s clients a huge choice when it comes to which pieces of furniture to use when furnishing their homes. Their selection is comprised of furniture which is made by experts and which is also very modern and stylish.

Krea Bedrooms

The bedrooms provided by Krea are some of the finest bedrooms around. They are available in a large variety of different sizes and designs. The bedrooms are all hand made by expert craftsmen and look astonishing.

Krea Kitchens

Kitchens by Krea are well-made and water resistant. They are built to last and keep up with the users demands. They are available in many different styles, including modern, classic, minimalist and plenty of others.

Living and Dining Rooms:
Krea Living and Dining Rooms

Krea ensures that you will be relaxing or dining in style when it comes to dining and living rooms. They offer a good selection of complete rooms and individual pieces of furniture, which are available in plenty of different styles.

Home Offices:
Krea  Home Office

The company provides it’s clients with plenty of different furniture for different office styles. The furniture is very exquisitely styled and has plenty of character, which makes an office reflect the owners or business/brand personality.

Outdoor Furniture:
Krea Outdoor Furniture

Krea provide robust outdoor furniture which is more than capable of handling the harshest of elements. Made out of special materials which will not fade nor tear, they are ideal to be set around a pool or on a lawn.

Krea Online

Krea can be found on both Facebook and Youtube, as well as their own website. Links to the sites are found below.

Krea’s Website

Krea Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will learn more about it’s aims and goals, as well as find information about it’s products and services.

Krea on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 30th September 2010. Since then, it has gathered over 7,910 fans and it’s page is full of images showcasing it’s products as well as videos on people showing the company’s products.

Krea on Youtube

Near Krea

The company can be found in the road parallel to Dex Workspaces and just a road away from Pitre’ Hardware .

Contact Krea

T: +356 2146 3501
A: Krea (Malta) Ltd., Mdina Road, Qormi

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