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offers a wide range of domestic products, all of which are made by the finest brands on the market. A wide range of energy-saving products, as well as fridges, microwaves, washing machines and many others are also available. These products are sold by experts who are capable of identifying client’s needs accurately and who can fulfill requests in a professional manner.

Solar Energy by KNK Ltd


The brands the company imports are none other than Sunerg and Suntherm. Both these brands are well-known for providing quality products to their customers.

Below are a few of the products which KNK Ltd supplies to it’s customers :

Photovoltaic Panel Systems

These solar panels draw energy given off by the sun and turn it into a usable form of electricity, which can be incorporated into a house’s or an industry’s power supply. The solar panels can also feed the local electricity grid. The products are robust and built to last, being tested under even the harshest of weather conditions.

Solar Water heaters from KNK Ltd

The company offers products which work by trapping heat from the sun to heat water up. They pass water through heat-conductive pipes and transfer the heat to the water itself. The newly-heated water is then stored in a tank which is designed to minimize heat-loss, ensuring that clients have hot water ready at hand. KNK Ltd offers a large range of solar water heaters to fulfill the needs of most clients. Their products are well designed and will last a lifetime.

Air conditioners from KNK Ltd


Through the years, the company has built good reputation for air-conditioner-related services for both the domestic and industrial sectors. They have done so by offering a wide range of A/C units, while never compromising on quality, repairs or after-sales service.

Different Types of Air-conditioning Units by KNK Ltd

The company supplies customers with world-renowned brands such as Artel, Yamatsu, Starway and Galanz, all of which produce different kinds of A/C Units to function effectively in different situations.

Some Different types of air-conditioner systems can be found below :

Portable Air-conditioners:
Air-conditioners which can be transported from one room to the next.

Wall-Mounted Air-conditioners:
The most common A/C Units, found in most houses. They come in a variety of strengths, sizes and shapes.

Cassette Air-conditioners:
Used mainly for large showrooms or businesses, these A/C units are versatile and effective. They can be controlled from one easy to operate panel.

Ceiling Air-conditioners:
These powerful air conditioners are used to keep constant temperatures where they are absolutely necessary. (For example, in IT server rooms)

Duct-Type Air-conditioners:
This A/C system can enable cooling of multiple rooms very quickly and efficiently.

Services and repairs of Air conditioners from KNK Ltd


KNK also offers an extensive range of expert repairs, if an A/C unit fails to function properly. The service is prompt and is reasonably priced.

Some of the repairs commonly performed on A/C units can be found below:

– Cleaning of Filters
– Cleaning of Evaporators (with anti-bacterial liquids)
– Inspection of Electrical Systems (in both indoor and outdoor)
– Unit Testing (on both cooling and heating cycles)

Other Products Sold by KNK

The company does not restrict itself to just energy-saving products and air-conditioning units. It also provides clients with an excellent range of domestic goods, some of which can be seen below.

Audio Visual Products

KNK Audiovisual

– TV Monitors
– DVD Players

Domestic Goods

KNK Domestic Goods

– Water heaters
– Dish washers
– Electric heaters
– Vacuum cleaners
– Copper piping
– Trunking
– Brackets and more.


KNK Dehumidifiers

KNK Ltd Online

KNK Ltd can be found on their own website, which is linked in the section below.

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By clicking on the image above, you can find more information about the company itself, as well as the products it provides and special offers which take place regularly.

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The company can be found right between Creative refurbishing Centre and Studio 9.

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