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Joinwell, a company which was founded in 1947, has become one of the major furniture distributors in Malta to date. It started off by fixing apertures and mending damaged doors during the Second World War. It slowly started gaining popularity and soon started taking on contracts and providing services for the British and Libyans.

Today, the company is capable of producing it’s own furniture, with exquisite designs and excellent build-quality. Their furniture can also be custom made and designed to the client’s specifications. The entire Joinwell team is dedicated to their work and strive to produce excellence, while also providing quality sales and after-sales services to their clients, who have now come to expect nothing but the best from this company.

Products Supplied by Joinwell

Joinwell has been providing furniture to it’s customers for years and has gained vital experience in their field which is necessary to deal even with the most difficult custom-built orders. Below are a few of their products.

Kitchens (By Arrex)
Joinwell Kitchens

The company offers a large range of kitchens, some of which are modern and others catering to a classic kind of style. Their kitchens are made out of superior quality and are very functional, while also adding a unique twist which sets them apart from other competing brands.

Bedrooms (By Hulsta)
Joinwell Bedrooms

Joinwell’s bedrooms come designed to suit anyone’s tastes. The large range of bedrooms which the company offers can be made out of many materials with plenty of different accessories and finishes.

Dining Rooms (By Bontempi Casa)
Joinwell Dining Rooms

The Italian designed dining rooms are made in such a way, that they reflect the unique side of the person choosing them. The woods and laminates are very carefully selected by expert craftsmen and are later moulded and sculpted to give the dining room they occupy, a very particular look.

Home Office (By Arte M)
Joinwell Home Office

The products supplied by the company are designed to be practical, functional and yet, stylish and reflective of the buyer’s personality. Joinwell has many different styles to suit most peoples tastes and all their products are made to last.

Lighting (By Vita)
Joinwell Lighting

Joinwell offer their clients a selection of lighting options. these lighting options come in a variety of light fittings, which possess either a modern or classic touch.

Giftware by Joinwell

Joinwell Home Gifts

Villeroy and Boch are the main designers responsible for the amazing giftware supplied by the company. They are reasonably priced and turn a house into a home, by bringing flair and elegance to one’s kitchen, sitting room, dining room etc. These gifts are also very functional and aren’t just there to be admired. The company also offers uniquely designed candle-sticks, candle-stick holders and many other decorative items.

Joinwell Online

Joinwell can be found on Facebook and Youtube, as well as their own website. Links to the online presences can be found below.

Joinwell’s Website

Joinwell Website

By clicking on the image above, you can find out more about the company itself, as well as the products and services it provides to it’s clients.

Joinwell on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 20th July 2011. Since then, it has gained the admiration of over 7,320 fans. The page is full of pictures showcasing their furniture, as well as information on promotional offers currently taking place.

Joinwell on Youtube

Near Joinwell

Close to the company, one can find the HSBC Head Office and Elektra Ltd.

Contact Joinwell

T: (+356)2278 2000
E: info@joinwell.com.mt
A: Joinwell Group of Companies, Mill Street, Qormi, QRM 03