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Home improvements in Malta by Jason Amato plumbing electrical tiling gypsum bathrooms plastering turnkey
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About Jason Amato Home Improvements,electical, plumbing, interior and exterior installations,alterations and finishes in Malta

Jason Amato Home Improvements was set up in 2003 with the main aim to provide electrical and plumbing installations.
Throughout the years he expanded on giving the clients a finished product.
Jason Amato is a licensed electrician and can cater for both small and big jobs.
Together with his team of professionals he is now entrusted with a whole project that is from a shell form product to a finished product.

Apart from electrical and plumbing installations we provide:
Plastering and painting
Drain pipe laying
Removal and installations of bathrooms
Tile laying
Construction and restoration works

Our main aim is to provide every single project with extreme precision and dedication, giving a personalized service to each and every customer. From

shell form to finish, any job entrusted with Jason Amato is delivered precisely on time.

Please feel free to contact us any time during the week for a free consultation.

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