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Imperial Furniture, Luqa, Malta.

About Imperial Furniture in Malta

Imperial Furniture opened its doors in 2000. Since then we built a reputation for the quality of our designs and craftsmanship, and for the variety of reasonable prices we offer customers.
We focus on listening closely to clients, and making sure each project not only answers their wants and needs, but also reflects their style and tastes.
Offering contemporary and transitional as well as traditional furniture, we have long believed in giving client’s the widest possible choice in styles, materials, details, finishes and more.

Examples of Furniture and more



Imperial Furniture caters to the needs of those who would like kitchens with either a modern design or even to those who would like a more classic look to it. The company also offers their clients freedom to create interesting concepts and to also personalize their kitchen to their own desires, by means of accessories.



The company’s bedroom furniture is designed to be both functional and stylish, no matter what environment the furniture is placed in. They do this by innovation on various aspects like storage, stylish bedroom doors and also keeping up with modern-day trends and classic designs. Each bedroom is created with the client’s specifications in mind.

Vanity Units


Various bathroom accessories and furniture is made available by the company, and they’re also designed to be able to fit into everyone’s taste and budget.



The doors provided by Imperial Furniture are of the finest quality and come in a variety of different styles and wood to meet the expectations and tastes of their customers. They cater to domestic needs, as well as office needs and each set of doors is tailor made to the client’s specifications.

Wall Units

wall units

The company is very familiar with the different styles requested from it by it’s customers. They are capable of providing simple and elegant looks to the more elaborate units with curves and design cues.

Imperial Furniture Online

Imperial Furniture can be found on Facebook, which is linked below.

Imperial Furniture on Facebook latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 17th November 2012. Since then it has gathered a following of over 120 fans. Their page is full of pictures, showcasing their past and recent work.

Near Imperial Furniture

The company is located a few minutes away from the Water Services Corporation and directly opposite Mobilia Penza Ltd.

Contact Imperial Furniture in Malta

Proprietor: Clyde Aquilina
Address: Imperial Furniture
166/167, Luqa Industrial Estate,

Tel: 21226396

Mob: 99465148


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