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Idea Casa About

The company was founded in 1999 and it’s main focus was on delivering exceptional furniture of good quality to it’s customers. It is today, one of the most prominent leaders in the home-furnishing sector and with a team of over 70 staff members, deliver a professional service when it comes to furniture. The staff are very experienced and have been trained to meet the customers needs, identify those same needs and offer the appropriate solution.

Products by ideacasa

The company produces many top-quality products for it’s customers to enjoy. These can range from simple and classically designed kitchens, to modern works of art in glass, highly polished wood and glass.

Below is a short list of what the company makes available to it’s clients:

Kitchens: (By Aran Cucine)
Idea Casa Kitchens

Modernly designed kitchens as well as classically designed ones are made available by the company, in various models and styles. The kitchens are built to last by using tougher materials in the design, while also using protective coatings to keep the tabletops pristine.

Living and Dining: (By Cattelan Italia)
Idea Casa Dining Rooms

The various models present in the selection offered by ideacasa is astonishing, with tables made of wood, glass, brushed aluminium and plenty of others. The tables are made by expert craftsmen and are designed to last a lifetime.

Sofas: (By MaxDivani)
Idea Casa Sofas

A good sofa has to be comfortable and big. With that in mind, the company sets in front of you, a decent range of sofas made out of leather, fabric and many other materials. All these sofas are made by expert upholsterers and are tough and robust pieces of furniture. The sofas come in plenty of styles to suit anyone’s tastes, ranging from two-tone sofas to brilliant white ones.

Bedrooms: (By Santarossa)
Idea Casa Bedrooms

A very impressive range of bedroom designs, styles and types can be found within ideacasa. From minimalist designs to modern or classic ones, the company offers their clients very good products at very affordable prices.

ideacasa Online

The company can be found on it’s own website, as well as on Facebook and Youtube. The links are supplied below.

ideacasa’s Website

Idea Casa Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will learn more about their vast range of products, as well as their special offers and the company’s goals.

ideacasa on Facebook Latest Updates

The company has gathered over 6,850 fans and the page is full of pictures showcasing their more recent furniture, as well as promotional offers.

ideacasa on Youtube

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The company can be found right between Quadra and Gauchi Automobiles

Contact ideacasa

T: (+356)2278 60 00
E: info@ideacasa.com.mt
A: Msida, Valley Road, Birkirkara, Malta.